I give 1,000k as a leader and my alliance is not filled. I see that there are many leaders who open alliances donating just 10k and this makes that we have the tower of the alliance at a good level, it costs us to fill them. There are too many alliances created by very low level warriors. There should be a solution for this problem. Those who go solo, at least they should belong to an alliance and not go for free. The game should obligate everyone to belong to an alliance and the small leaders should not be able to open alliances from a high level of the alliance tower. Sometimes I think about abandoning this game that I like so much, but my efforts and expenses, I think they do not deserve the game. THANK YOU.

There’s no problem with it. Everyone is allowed to open their own alliances once they fulfill the game requirement.


How would you like it if it is imposed on you? What if some mid level alliances are making this complaint, and you’re forced to close down YOUR alliance so that you have no choice but to join their bigger alliances? If this sounds silly to you… well… that’s basically what you are requesting against alliances that are smaller than yours too.

Simple, there are too many alliances for how many active players there are.

There are too many alliances because everyone wants to run their own team.

True, but the solution is definitely not to force players from smaller alliances to close down their alliances so bigger alliances have more players, because if this were true, then OP should also close down his alliance and join bigger alliance.

If Flare implemented this, @Warriornator would have stopped playing RR2 a long time ago! lol

Now seriously, I never saw a game who imposed everyone to join an alliance.

I’m not just talking about mobile games like: Empires and Puzzles RPG… but even MMOs like WoW or LineageII…

I don’t think you should impose that on the players.

A game should be free (of choice at least) after all.

I have 3lv and on the next promo to the tower I will also jump on 1kk :))

I am the most amused people with 90lv and 10k donations - the game itself gives gems to the 250k tower - what about these gems did?

May be they don’t know the importance of donations yet,