Problem with the game,freezes chat freezes the game in the fight.

Good day. I and my alliance are struggling with the problem of the game. Frozen screen. We can not normally lead battles.

Why are not you doing anything about it?You can not normally lead a conquest with this problem.

True that. Same here. Game is unplayable all day. 

True that. Same here. Game is imposible I’m losing for that please fix (Olympus Rising)

I’m facing exactly the same issue.  Freezes the game in the fight. confirmed on two independent devices ( Samsung galaxy A5 and A8). It must be something in the game.
I has started 2 days ago.


It seems to be happening only during Conquest…probably has got something to do with more people online.

its also happening in normal raids intermittently. i thought the problem is on my phone yesterday… but not now ?

welp its not only on raids now, happening in game literally chatting,queuing for raids anything u can think of doing ingame it freezes the game… its getting worse. did flare do a downgrade on server , needs to replace hard drives or dealing with DDOS? ?

Hey guys,

Thanks for reporting this. For those who haven’t posted their devices yet could you please do that? Thanks in advance :grinning:

LG K510 and computer PC Actina and laptop lenovo G50-80