Problem with trophies

Hi, I need know how does trophy counting work? Because I fight with a player he gave to me 15 trophies but he’s so much hard and I don’t pass.
He play against me and he took about 9 or 8 trophies in every move. 
I’m level 86 and he level 130.
Can you please, tell me how works??? 

I don’t understand, I took from another player 7 trophies and he’s level 95 much more than mine level. So I don’t understand. 


I waiting for support. 

Level 86.jpg

I also have this problem, with the same player in fact, he took 27 trophies, he level 130 and I 93, there is something wrong with this count.


Check his trophy level to yours, if he is under yours he will be rewarded for beating you. You can do the same to lower level players than you also, just drop trophies and beat them.