Problems accessing forum - "Too many requests"

I don’t know if this is a general issue to other ppl or not, but @Dena4 has contacted me that he currently can’t access the forum.

This is the error he’s currently having:

429 too many requests

Can you help him with this issue @Madlen , or contact technical support please?

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Hi there,
Okay, I will have a look. Thank you!


I got this message from my office (replying now from home). After I replied as a thank you message for you @Madlen for showing me how to check towers/objects. You told about the green button which was a good advice.

When I replied, I got a blue error button with some number on it. After closing browser, that error appeared.

I talked to the provider. Usually, such requests/errors should be handled within a few minutes. I do not have an explanation, why this took a bit longer for you now, but glad you can access it again.

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I will check tomorrow from the office. There I had those problems. Can use 4g with phone if it doesn’t work. Will try tomorrow and let you know here. Thanks for the effort @Madlen and special thanks to @ShadowsGuardian.

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