Problems with AJAX powers


I have a persistent problem!
but it does not update the level and it does not show the strength nor the time updated, and it blinks in all the heroes with the writing ‘’ NEW AVAILABLE POWERS ‘’ even if having nothing. This started after I continued to improve the powers of AJAX …
Please help me solve my problem.

Thank you for your attention!

@Mgh15 While I am not CaptainMorgan, I may as well pretend to be his unofficial envoy here. Check this thread, I believe it is dedicated to the very same issue you have here:

Now, to save you time reading through all of it, the final message there is from CaptainMorgan and it says that the next version would fix this issue


Bro this issue has reported in past by many players including me.You can check these posts for that and also yesterday Captain morgan mentioned in next patch all these issues will be resolved :slight_smile: .


Thank you brothers!
I have not been able to keep track of everything here for the last few days, but thanks for the answers, it helped a lot.

Good week  :wink: