Profanity in Names??

Logged on as usual to start a quick assualt run when I came across what I found to be on the profanity side…so my question is…does Flare games now allow profanity in player account names???


Rather dissappointed to see this…no language filters in name creation…I’m quite sure the mature people here who have young ones playing this game sure wouldn’t approve…and there surely are players here that would rather not see it as well…volgarity has no place where the player population is compiled of so many different ages!!


Just a couple of disturbing names from this am… Player: Cocksucker3i535 and the Alliance: CockSuckingMaschine5


Flare you need to change this and fast…some thing like this on face book would definitely go viral !!!



Maybe cock sucker is a bit too much but I have admit I had a good laugh when I came across the AssMaster’s base :grinning:

There are many like this, at all levels…

I have one in my enemy alliance in current war.his ign is HIDEMYASS,anyway my magchers,maganon and magmy beat the crap out of his base and he is hiding his ass as his Name suggest:D:D:D:D

To my understanding they allow all names, this may be under review but as of now I believe any name is allowed. 

They are Germans, their whole team is White. They do not care about the peace of mind that most parents care about. My eight year old is playing this game. Daddy, what does cock sucker mean? I have had to answer a similar question :slightly_frowning_face:

I see why any company or social networks would censor these types of things but I feel the heavy censorship and limitation on freedoms such as name creations is “kidifying” the world too much.  I understand this game has many young children and families but people at some point have to realize that profanity is a part of society and just unhide able; it’s unprofessional sure and should be censored on scripts for news, etc. but in most situations like games the player should have the freedom to create their own names.  It won’t go viral on Facebook seeing as there’s 1000s of accounts alone on there with those same or similar names.


Honestly I’d rather have the profanity to add a bit of adultness to a game like this as long as every word written isn’t such words.  Another point is that limiting those types of names can seriously hinder those with honest intent of a name, i.e. I play Summoner’s Wars on my phone and I couldn’t put Master Diaz as my username and I hadn’t an idea why; maybe for some racial meaning but either way it forced me to have to come up with the name -Dracomancer- to fit the time period and because I’ve always liked Dragons.  My point there is that because of censorship is prevents usernames like mine to be used sometimes.  One last point is that people are crafty and very technical with finding loop holes around censorship by just adding in a period or hyphen into their name or remove a non-key letter to make the username “valid.”


Do you have kids? This game has a lot of history behind it and can teach kids a lot. But why does a parent need to explain what, “cock sucker” or some other stupid name that another kid made up (or an adult that needs to grow up) means? I disagree!


By the way, watch out for xXAtlas1000Xx, he is a spy and an alliance hopper.

My base happens to look like a scrotum (has 1 more trap tower + 2 more corners than a reverse-L base) so I’m glad that Flare allows freedom [:

Wish I did with someone I love…Sadly I don’t, I’m 17 and there’s some relationship complications… I believe I know the point you’re about to make Joekee though, would I feel the same way if I had kids or something similar to that question and to be honest yes.  My reason being is that myself and many of my friends have been raised around profanity; heck first song I sand was something like “move B****, get out the way” or something like that.  It doesn’t stunt their growth or mold them into criminals or impolite people seeing as myself I’ve been in 3 AP classes through my high school career and taking 3 more during my Senior year and I’m a Cadet/Chief Petty Officer in NJROTC; I’m very polite and PC or politically correct in public with “Sir/Ma’ams, please and thank you,” etc. and when I’m with my peers I let out a bit on my vulgar but really just fun side.  Heck my two closest friends had been raised around influential things like drugs, extreme poverty, and “ladies of the night” and missing fathers and yet they’re both Cadet/Lieutenant Commanders of my NJROTC Unit and they’re involved in community service and various Military practices yet they curse much worse then myself but are extremely polite and even shy to strangers.


My long point is that profanity is part of society these days and just impossible to hide from the little ones completely whether it be adults or even their own peers, it’s just too difficult.  It is also a healthy taste of the real world, shaves away some of their innocence and teaches them some of the various and harsh realities of the “real world” you know.  It’s not good if every word they hear and see is profanity but most cases aren’t like that.  If I were by some miracle able to have children with the one person I care about and want…then I would not hide these words from them if they were to hear it but that doesn’t mean I’m going to curse in front of them; just means if they hear or see it (which they will) I will explain it to them to educate them.


Not trying to go against your beliefs Joekee but do you see what I’m saying that it’s not good but it’s not horrible either and that is just an increasingly difficult thing to hide these days so it’s best to try and make a realization out of it.

I completely understand your point and I come from one of the hardest pasts that many would rather not speak of. I am simply saying that it saves a lot of explaining to children who do no know what cock sucker or cunt licker is and helps parents out who want to raise their children the right way and appreciate a game like Royal Revolt. The game teaches many things about history but throws in a clash of profanity and adulthood that can be filtered. Is it, no. My son is learning how to read. He stated a person’s name that was at the top of the Diamond League with me three times in a row. He was upset that they could win so easily and I could not. He repeated this person’s name for a week. He wanted me to beat them. Can you imagine what others would think if he went around saying, “Well, Cunt Licker should have not been able to score so many trophies so easily. Cunt Licker needs to be beat. Cunt Licker is cheating.” First off, how do I explain to my child that the words are not okay and then explain why they are not okay to say? I know what the words mean, but does my eight year old need to know?

So, you like scrotums :stuck_out_tongue:

Now words like you said C*** or Cock Sucker are a bit much and don’t need to be known but I’m saying technical words like B**** or bastard or Jacka** that have actual meanings, not words like the F-bomb all the time or really vulgar words like you said.  A filter for that would be good but not harsh as again it can punish those with honest intentions like myself on Summoner’s.

Something in the air say me that i should write:

How could I not blow? All I do is drop F-bombs Feel my wrath of attack

From Rap God - Eminem ^^ Also in his songs you can find every word lol

Dang it oPelle, now you got me playing this song on repeat…lol.

Actually I think such names are funny. Yeah, true, I’ll probably never grow up… :wink:


If someone lets their kids out into the whole wide world (and a global game on the net is something like that), they have to expect them seeing things that are out in the whole wide world. And a lot of people like profanity. If not now, the kids will see it later. If you want to keep them from such things you’d probably have to lock them up in your cellar.


Filters? I hate that stuff!

Too often such filters fuck more up than they do any good. I know another game where it’s almost impossible to chat. (Example: “ass” is considered a bad word, so the german word “lassen” - which is nothing bad at all - gets l***en. But not only this word, so you’d have to guess a lot. No fun at all!) And besides that, you can’t filter out any bad word in any language - let alone any version in local slang.


If you don’t want profanity in a game, the only sane (and working!) solution would probably be to simply give the players numbers (but make sure there are no bad ones either) instead of names and turn off any text input (including chat).

If someone here play Dungeon Hunter 5 will have the same experience, you need to pay attention with every word and if you really want to write a bad word, you can just “cheat” the game by typing or f . u.k, (add the point) that is add special format to avoid that the game find bad words but where people can understand them also put Zero instead of O and many other many things. So the game should become even more clever to understand also the substitute of the bad words (0, point, etc) that is totally impossible to block, because there should create thousands of combinations to block every single word, and maybe also when you don’t want to type bad words it block themself lol

What could this game possibly teach kids? That’s hilarious! History? really?

The best one I have seen: LongBallsMcBonerFart. I could not stop laughing as a attacked him. I am still laughing =)