progress isn't counted in cursed titan chest

hi,  i have  a chest that requires killing 100 sirines . after i played for a while and killed some sirens i checked that chest and found no progress at all .


I think, Sirines, spammed by the towers are not counting. And nearly no one is using Sirines in Def Layout.

That is a really hard quest. As panicmind said most defence has no sirens. Better check defences having sirens and fight with them. Odyseus missions can help, there are sirens there at higher skulls. 

Suggestion … if you summon your own sirens, get 'em converted by a Nyx and then kill them, the game will count them as killed.

I understand it’s not an optimal solution, but if you are really desperate for it … it works.

Well bro that is just too hard to do.I have tried doing such things and I always end up Losing 10 or 16 trophies ??? But yeah will definitely finish such pesky quest tho.

Such awkward quests will no longer appear as of yesterday’s server update.

That’s an easy Quest… Charon tower Siren are also counted …It completed that quest by attacking hardly 3-4 islands…

I find that quest easy in relation to take x islands or spend x ambrosia, etc. But I guess all of these have been phased out since the server update.

@Sharknado, spend “x” Ambrosia is still there, I’m just completing that quest right now, I find it very easy because you don’t even have to play to finish it, just keep some heroes on ambrosia islands and whenever they are full, move other heroes around, anyway, it’s hard for lower level players though.