So when we get a new phone does the game progress get transferred to the new phone when we log in or do we have to start all over again especially about purchases??? 


If you follow the steps here, you should be able to sync your progress on multiple devices.

the problem is my old phone uses iOs and my new phone uses Android. Can i transfer it?

I’m having an issue where my Android tablet and my Android phone are not syncing. I played for awhile on my tablet and got to level 10. Then I went back to my phone and I am level  9 there. When I tap on “connected” and then connect again I see the following greeting “Welcome VolubleUnicorn278”. This obviously is not my google play games name. Is there any steps I can take so this will sync correctly for me?

I found this post from a link to someone asking about this in Nonstop Knight. Please move my comment to the appropriate thread if needed.



You have to open Google Games once on your device an set your name there. If not, you will be given a random name (like the one you are seeing).