Prohibit receive trophies for losing!

Prohibit receive trophies for losing! It’s not funny anymore. The player finds an opponent for which gets a lot of trophies (such as 24 trophies). Attacks, and just losing the battle in time. As a result, he gets a portion of the spoils (eg, 15 trophies instead of 24), and can continue to attack the hero a few times.

I have since lost 200 cups per hour, and it’s one of the enemy! I know, because Olympus was returned only one hero, despite the fact that before this I was also attacked. I got 54 -200 and crystal goblets. This clearly plums.

once i found enemy with 50 trophies, i beat him easy, probably he was a bit to high with trophies, maybe its the same with you?

We asked so many times, but Flaregames simply fixed by reducing the limited number of attacks of a player on the same player to 5 within 48hs. However, let’s say 5×20 is still too much. It is our 33 battles to gain.


I suggested to limit the amount of trophies a player can earn from another player by reducing the amount of trophies on the next attack.

For example, if players get 20 trophies for win a battle, they should not get more than 50% (10 trophies) for a 2* defeated. The reward for beating this player should also reduced by 50% or the same amount the attacker has received. It means a player won’t lose more than a fixed amount of trophies for another player. If FG can record and change the target after a player was attacked by another player 5 times, this solution is too easy. 


In one of the incoming update,s we will make a change regarding the rewards one can get by retreating.

It will therefore not be possible anymore to win any Trophies by retreating. 

It means it will not be possible anymore for example to earn 5x20 trophies by hitting the gate and retreating.


Also, it is not because only one Hero is sent back to mount Olympus that only one enemy attacked you. It takes a few successful attacks against your defense to have one Hero sent back to Mount Olympus.

The new update still didn’t fix this issue. So attackers don’t get trophies for retreating any longer, but they still get trophies if they run out of time at the gate. Because of this, players can STILL exploit by just timing their attack and summoning just enough army to get them to the gate, let the army die (example, don’t heal or shield them, or summon reinforcements), hit the gate a few times with hero, then just run around like a moron to purposefully run-out the clock. They just have to put on a good show,  pretend they tried their best to beat the gate and Flare will give them trophies for it. Great job Flare, your company slogan should be “Rewarding FAILURE since May 2016”.

Attackers should NOT get ANYTHING if they don’t take down the gate COMPLETELY. But even IF you wanted to give them something just for effort, it should be limited to 3 trophies on the FIRST TRY ONLY, not half of the winnable amount. Then every other attempt after that on the same opponent should be zero trophies until they are able to take the gate completely. 

that’s a lot harder to do then it sounds.  and not worth it.  I don’t see anyone doing this,  yes it is possible but unlikely.

Actually it’s quite easy to do, and worth it if the trophy gain is high enough and if you’re already close to the target, the Ambrosia cost is low. 

Let’s say the potential max is 30 trophies, if you do this you can easily get 3 times the amount, 90 trophies. So yes, it IS worth it, a resounding yes.