Project: Professionalization of players

Project: professionalization of players


Free market

The Flaregames should contribute to the creation of a parallel market for players to sell their items, construction workers and gems in exchange for a credit that can be transferred freely to another player.

 For this the Flaregames will receive a small tax for exchange and validate the credit in order to support the transaction.



The following wars usually until the month of November or December and a break of 15 days for the completion of the “great war”.

Enough time for the Alliance to recruit and make a stronger Alliance and competitive.


The Great War

The great war will be held in December or January and the choice of the participants will be alliances for fiefdoms, following the Division below:

GROUP 1 – up to 15 fiefdoms

GROUP 2 – up to 30 fiefdoms

GROUP 3 – up to 45 fiefdoms

GROUP 4 – up to 60 fiefdoms

 Award *

First place: 1000 gems for each alliance member

Second place: 750 gems for each alliance member

Third place: 400 gems for each alliance member


* There may be changes of values according to the group.


World Championship

The Flaregames can hold a World Championship with duration of three days, held in any country and in an environment where players will be the dispute between the rings formed.

Players will be ranked among the highest scorers in the great war, being divided by groups already defined in the great war.





This project has been developed by a user and does not represent the Flaregames.

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