Prometeus Improvement

Hello all, I thought I’d open this topic, as I find Prometeus is often complained about by players for being very weak. I use him often even against very strong bases (dying frequently!!my fault) Topic has probably been done before, but this should be an easy fix for the devs, not like Ajax!! 

The obvious problems are that he is the slowest hero unless you equip his unique armour (at expense of much needed resistance for non- shield bearer), and he is the only hero with 2 powers. His own power is one of the strongest in game powers with dual function (shield/damage), however as the range is only 1.2 it is almost a personal power, very few troops can benefit from his shield. This range creates a BIG issue when dealing with corner towers especially nyx, meaning that it doesn’t reach ( see image below). This means he needs to rely on another power like talos which has the damage and range to reach these nyx towers for example - and with only one spare power slot almost always needing Bia (for resistance and movement speed)


  1. Either increase movement speed AND give another maybe half resistance for phys damage or lightning - negating the need to always need Bia power.


  1. Increase the range of his pyro power to 1.5 or 1.6 (to reach corner towers)- negating the need to select talos for Prometeus.


  1. Make his unique sword ‘firebringer’ actually have increased range of normal damage to reach the corner towers and make this unique actually useful (I did have it but swapped it for being near useless)


  1. Give him a 3rd power. Would actually bring him in line with the better heroes, don’t believe this would make him overpowered (feel free to comment)

I personally would think option 2 is absolutely necessary as a minimum. Option 3 is a nice option as Prometeus does depend on cursed resistance rings or unique apples and refined armour to stand a chance.  Option 4 would be great and make him a more popular hero all around. 

Below image - Prom chiiin’ out watching a nyx…


In Greek mythology, Prometheus molded men out of water and earth.


So maybe Ice or Physical res.?

Hi there,

Thanks for the ideas. Forwarded to the devs. :slight_smile:

This is very a good cooment. Thanks phil. More heroes must worth to improve and must be better. So we can play with all heroes… 

With the new server update:


  • Now has a 10% Physical Resistance bonus.
  • Now has a 10% Movement Speed Bonus.
  • Pyrphoros: Increased shield strength by 25%.

Thanks @Philstar