Prometheus' and Achilles' Shield vs Cyclops Shield

Does Prometheus’ and Achilles’ Shields overlap with Cyclops’ Shield?

If for example my cyclops uses his rage to shield my troops but I also use the innate skills of either Prometheus or Achilles, which shield will take effect? Whichever comes first or whichever is strongest? In this case, won’t Achilles’ Styx be the strongest?


P.S. Nice profile pic, probably their best album (imo for sure)

It’s whatever was cast most recently. Shields will over-write other shields, so a blessed cyclops’ fairly weak shield will over-write Prom or Achilles’ fairly strong shield. For this reason I don’t usually advise using blessed cyclopses with Prom or Achilles.

@Infamous The best for me is Asylum also.

@dumpster Cheers for the info, will remove Cyclops when with Prometheus or Achilles from now on if that is the case.