Prometheus is a beast

Hello everyone :blush:,
I made some videos of Prometheus in action,usually most players think Prometheus is a useless hero but my videos will prove them wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and hopefully more players will invest in him and bring him in wars.
People don’t believe me when I tell them that Prometheus is perfectly capable of defeating most bases and GK.

I would like to thank @Marinien as he was the first one to prove me wrong about heroes build(I also used think that some heroes are weak and not worth investing time and resources but now I think any hero can be badass :muscle: as long as we give them right perks and know how to use them properly :wink:.


He is the 2nd / 3rd useless (joking), bad hero for me. Lmao, but well done for building him. I only knew one more player that had a good Prom. He can be a beast, I believe all can be… you just need to know how to set them up.

As to kill GK’s… when there is a will, there is a way.

Yes I agree :blush: with you by the way I added your video too.
You can watch it ,second video is against your gk.

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Give me a couple of weeks. I just got to 150. You make him seem so weak… but then again he is lol…

Your GK is not weak. It by far the best Gks of Olympus Rising. Normally I don’t need troops to bring down GK but in your case I needed army badly to beat GK.

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Because you are WRONG my friend. Dead WRONG :upside_down_face:.

Prom is, when it comes to solo a GK, by far the best hero.

The second one, again, solo mode, is Ajax.

Then it’s a debate between Heracles and Athena, depending on the builds.

I am still wondering where I’d put Artemis in the mixte, again, solo vs. GK.

In the mean time, Ariadne is Queen :grin:

In the new era, he is weak. I am starting to build him with some hope. But that pleasure of making him strong and a mini battle worth “trying” and worth fighting is gone.

It will make it easier for me to quit or stop Spending so much time.

I know what you mean by that. Gatekeeper used be tough really tough but now loh and as penalty have ruined them.
I am Glad to see area damage bug is gone because earlier I could not use Prometheus and other non shield bearer heroes to fight gk as most of the time they end up dying fast .

Lets see how that can be countered :slight_smile:

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