Prometheus would like to go to war!

This is a petition! Support Prometheus!!!Put many like if you agree.Prometheus is my favorite hero! Seriously. I love his strength and his vulnerability. It has only two powers but can be scary. And yet ... he is castrated! I can not take him to war. Its specific power "Pyrophoros" is devastating and has fast recharge times but has a ridiculous range !!! In theory it's okay but on the Nyx on the corner it does not work. Prometheus so in war I do not bring him; I can not do 95% if everything goes well. I do not ask to increase the range as "Talos", but just what little to take the Nyx on the corner! I do not just ask him, it is the Gods who support me and from Olympus are concentrating their anger on the German lands. No one will tell me to use "Damocles", because Prometheus without "Bia" does not go anywhere!

Yeah they should increase pyro’s range so that he can atleast take out nyxs towers in corner.

Defenses have been greatly buffed of late.

Now flaregames should focus on increasing the strength of non shield bearers(other than Hercules) just like they boosted Hercules in last update with frostbite damage increase.

@d9d9 how do you have your prom set up?


Here are the values. I have three apples, two of which are with worms and no single object of Prometheus …

Never found …

I’m an unlucky man!





That doesn’t look bad. Prom can take advantage of potency, so the apples aren’t wasted on him. They’re still not as good as well-forged cooldown items at your current level, so don’t be afraid to not use them. (Potency isn’t so great that it’s worth sacrificing twice as much cooldown. At level 135 you can make Titan cooldown gear with over 120k CD.)

Don’t marry yourself to bia, though. Especially when you’re using 2 apples. Potency has no effect on bia. 

I think a lot of people get hung up on “I have this unique, I HAVE to use it!”. No, you really don’t. A lot of them are underpowered compared to normal items you can forge. Same with cursed gear. 

I’ve been running around with Oddy lately and he’s a lot of fun. He definitely doesn’t need a shield. 

Prom’s one of the weaker heroes, but it’s mostly because he only has 2 spells. If he had a 3rd it would be fine. Remember when he only had 1?

What do you think about Hercules?

I literally hate this hero.

He can beat any defense in game and still arrive at gate with 2 minutes.

So why developers favour one hero over others.

In my battle log everyone is using hercules to beat my defense???

He’s overpowered for the XP it takes to level him up, but oh well. 

This is why GK nerfs are a bad idea btw. Heroes like herc can race through a defense but don’t have a lot of natural advantages for beating a tough gk. It’s a balance. 

For me hercules is ok because if you use Hercules you can defeat the defense but you cannot kill gk so you have to evaluate what you want to do 

Next balancing change should be to make killing the gk worth 20% instead of 5! :wink:

For your Gk called Connor MacLeod is good 


I must necessarily use Bia. Prometheus otherwise is too slow.

At least until I find a unique object that puts the pepper in the *****!

Sometimes he stops to collect little flowers.

I’m firmly of the opinion that nothing is 100% necessary. Prom working as a slow freight train, shielding and healing a big army is an effective build too.