Promised updates for defense etc.

so Flotha and others mentioned that defense problem (paper base) will be solved after 4.0. but nothing was done. Is there a timeline for that? 

New game mode is great but still raiding is 90% of this game and makes it fun.


New 4 boosts)

thats the solution? ? 

I think we will see a lot of complainers here soon . After alliances will get the full 4 boosts)

1 of those boosts is for attack only

Disapointed. FTB have said they worked to rebuild the entire defense. So I expecting defense layout A,B,C,D. Nothing. Why in this case FTB have said this? Don’t get it

 The promised changes will come soon. We are currently waiting for every platform to have access to 4.0… before we activate them with an update!

 Its mean the worst think i expected

new levels???

I want more levels as I need something to do with my gold.

Excited to see what these new changes will bring!

Will we be surprised that we suddenly need to upgrade all towers or not, that is the question? (I sincerely hope not)

I’ve been upgrading new (mostly useless) towers for a few months already.

I would welcome 1 new level for every tower/obstacle. At least my gold would be going to better use than in the last few months.

Im playing one year and I still havent maxed everything :slight_smile: end game problems??

I understand your position. And yes, I’m guessing it’s an end game problem.

I’ve been playing for 1 year and 6 months. I had too many workers (7-8) so I finished my defense in a bit more than a year. I have a few extra towers I don’t need and a full set of barricades/blockades that are not in use because they’re now useless at ~5000 trophies.

There are guys playing for over 3 years. I bet they have dozens of fully maxed towers they don’t use.

You are right, but for 5k+ trophies guys gold means nothing, and when you have 7-8 or more free workers you can upgrade a lot of buildings/structures at once. Adding 1 lvl to everything would be only a matter of like 30 days to finish everything and after you would be in the same place. I believe you need something interesting, something requiring “playing game” instead farming gold for a little bit longer: dungeons, events, something like that, something creative.

Even if I would be in the same situation in a month gold wise, at least my defense would be better. Right now it’s depressing to take a look at my defense record. ?


Android, iOS, and Windows all have access already (excluding bugs of course). When are we getting this “update” activated? It can’t be when all “bugs” are fixed, cause the answer would be “never”.

Fix the ads limit first, 1 to 3 ads every 6 hours is disappoining.


I would like the “touch responsiveness” issue to be fixed too, but if we have to wait for all bugs that affects our gameplay to be fixed first, the update will never be out =S

May not a bug, the ad provider just deems some regions/users as less profitable than others, and thus limits the number of offer videos they can watch, not much Flare can do about that (other than dropping videos entirely, and increasing the cost of everything else in the game to compensate for the lost income).