Promo ads crash the game

Hallo All,

Whenever, I click on a promo ad to double raid gold, get a chest, get a boost, etc. there s a 3 out of 4 chance that the game will crush.

Is it my mobile phone? (I have an alcatel pop4) or is it a game thing?

No this problem come from the game. RR2 have a lots of problem with connection, freeze during Ninja Event, crash during War Season and more… You just need to wait 4.0 and hope version 4.0 will offer huge bug fix. Hope the list will be very long

Yep, in about 2 weeks all the ads should be working properly again

Thank u for your responses…u just saved my mobile phone’s life …because I was planning to destroy it in a VEEEEERY violent way!!!

Even when the ads are up, there will be a few scattered days where ads are downed. When that happens just be patient and wait till the next day and try


I found it really helps to clear the web browser cache. In iOS go to Settings, Safari, Clear history and web site data.