Promo Problem

Hey, good evening!

Dear Admin, can you fix the problem about promo or package for example : When i dont have gems, always worker package appear everyday. Now, when i have gems they are disappear.

Can you fix it? If you a kindy man, would you give me just a little chance to get “Worker Package” once again?

Thanks before,

IGN : Arroyan

That’s the way it works in this game. When you have plenty of gems, you definitely won’t get offers and promotion packages offered.

When a package costs way more than the amount of gems you possess at the moment, those offers appear to seduce you to buy gems. So when such an offer appears, you have a short period of time to accept that offer, buy the required gems and pay them to get the package.

Only way to get such promotion packages again is by spending some of your gems so that their amount drops and you come short on gems.

so sad for hearing that Dena, thanks for information. I hope admin will seeing this post and a miracle happens :slight_smile:

A forum admin doesn’t necessarily have the capability o make a miracle happen, they’ll need to be devs. What you can expect is for a dev to see this and do what you’re waiting for (very unlikely).

Dear Dev, can you please put  50.000 gems on my account and max all my waves

(this won’t be considered a miracle, just a work of Mercy)

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much


(one can’t blame Micky for not trying)