promotion for skull perks

flare, why did You give this offer for all players ? its really unfair, most people have collected skull perks from the beginning and now new players can get a good sp immediately…

I don’t mind, especially if it’s for the good for some alliance members that have no luck and still need it.

Does everyone get the offer though? I’ve got some alliance members that didn’t get it.

Everyone will get it but not at same time…

Big spenders get it first :wink: And why does that offer exist? To make money of course

I don’t Think it’s a Good offer for everyone. Low level players are being scammed though.

The stats on those items are garbage if you don’t have a recently high level.

I dont think so. Tell me, thats fair for You? You probably have a pretty good sp and new players can get similar value like You. Instantly…

New player probably a low level player and their glove will surely be 0% SP lol gear value depend on hero level

Half year = about 120lvl. Some of my friends got it

4 months and 130 level)

my old friend rejoin game and did it)

Btw i wish every player have good scull perks. Why not… now the game is much more friendly to players in getting new stuff. Festivals for example.

i still remember how i tried to get my scull sword, it costed me like 400 ubers)i was extremely happy when i have got my sword in last 20 chests))


it was time when 30% was awesome???

now 33% is not so good

I can repeat the sentence i wrote if you want. It’s fair. If you spend 20$ for this package at a low level you’re obviously wasting money, better if you spend this money when you are already over 111 hero’s level. Moreover uber items are slightly outdated to looking for skull bonus. Players know you can get skull bonus on pro items with a higher starter value than the uber items, so they all point their resources there. For a low level player that set is more than fair and welcome, since he’s low level before reaching a serious skull bonus percentage (over 30%) he will take anyway lot of time.

Let’s summarize these skull perks.

  • Cape with skull perk plus wind speed is good, still I prefer to have leadership there, but that’s a matter of taste
  • Weapon with scream on it. I use non skull items that have scream plus leadership. I have here firestorm damage
  • Ring with heal aura, heal percentage is way too low to be interesting. And once you have skull perk on an item, you should forge skull perk instead of, in this case, the heal aura. Still… the heal aura needs to be forged to be more effective first.
  • Gloves, ice damage, really? Here you need leadership. triple scream perk (My mistake, no leadership on this one!)
  • Belt, with luck gear. also here leadership is better

When you want to raid with this set, I think during such raids you come into deep trouble. Also, what others suggest is true, a skull perk you want on a pro item. The stats of those other perks are way better, plus you get the pro bonuses. 

So flare, better give a set with all pro gear. 

But for 20$ its more than fair being hero 111+, 10 pro tickets, some gems and immediately 30%+ skull perk? I am forging my skull gear already for a while and just reached 31%. 


They will still get 3000 gems and 10 pro tickets so overall a very good offer. Further, they can also have some sp as well…

Skull perk used to be a difficult thing to get in old days but now if you are a spender you can get it easily without much efforts…

First of all not everyone is going to buy the offer, second low-level players will not get good sp as the higher level ones, however, now they will have some SP percentage instead of zero.

Not to forget 9 inventary slots.(only if you are wise enough before buying)

Correct… they will also get 9 inventory slots as well, however, their current inventory must be full.

Cape with speed is definately a must.


Weapon with scream on it is good in the sense that you can change your combo and still take advantage of the scream. If you have a spell related bonus on it, it may end up being useless at some point in the future (example: Firestorm bonus is now useless thanks to the new and improved Bladestorm).


The Heal aura is useful at any percentage (since it renders any DOT damage useless; snake tower, FB tower, Kaiser/Howl beast, etc), but to really make the most of it you need to get that aura % really high. I’d say 70% (2000 heal/second) at minimum, but 100% (3000 heal/second) would be preferable. So yes, you will still need to forge it even after you get skull perk on it.


Gloves with leadership? I’ve never seen leadership gloves, let alone leadership + skull bonus.


Belt has luck gear which is useful for low level free players. Makes it easier to get the skulls in the COF without having to spend gems. I used to do that. However, it’s easy and cheap to remove the Luck perk and get leadership/scream on it. And voilá, you have a very good war belt.



This is a good war set. A few friends bought it and are very happy with the items. They got some rare items that they didn’t have before and improved their skull % quite a bit (to around 25%).

Of course this offer is not usefull to get you above 30%, but for most people who are still bellow 20-25%, hell yea it’s a great improvement.

Cape with scream is a nice to have one, leadership is also good enough for me. I know, triple speed gear is better, but in that case, you have to remove the perk from a speed weapon and forge it to become a skull weapon. 

Gloves, indeed no leadership. My mistake. This perk is better there  image.png , increasing hero attack rate speed.

Heal aura I can only agree, you need to forge heal percentage up to 70% minimum (close to 40 forges) and 100%+ is better.

Like I said, my current percentage is 31%+, but at least 3 of those items (gloves, cape and belt), I needed to forge from 4% up to 6%+. That heal aura ring is great (when % is high), I use it when raiding with luck gear. It works pretty well. But for war I still prefer the kickback aura.