promotion for skull perks

To all of You. I said its unfair because a lot of You (Cromka, oPelle and more more players who have  played since start the game) collected sp and i bet You have about 35% and now new players can easily lvl up (even close to 120lvl) so they will get a nice sp in this offer on start (122lvl - exactly 30,2%sp in offer). Now wars can be more intetesting but this ‘special promotion’ for players with quite strong sp is so useless.

I won’t say my forges were in vain (or useless). Fact is, I didn’t have any other replacement skull perks, nor this offer at that moment. So I see it as a useful investment and so do a lot of my team members.

So by forging my skull perks all that time, I benefit from the moment I forged them till now. That I needed to invest 5000 pearls worst case per week to get a little bit extra on that percentage (some now start to give 0.01% since I reached 6.3%) , so be it. Every time you manage to add 1 extra skull to your raid, you need to realize you get that from that moment on.

I did profit from those invested pearls by getting more chests, my team from getting higher total skulls (more members invest in skull perks). 

I really was picky with my skull perks, when the other stats were not that great (meaning it could cost me a raid), I tried to find a replacement for them. Now I can’t complain, instead of speed I have leadership on my cape, for the rest it’s not bad. 

The game becomes more Pay to win than earlier…

Its totally fair for me, makes the game more playable for these newer players and we veterans always welcome those…money, time and effort spent are on our own will anyway…

Beside, we have maybe got more competitive alliance than we have competitive player (SP wise) so more player over 30%+ is good news for allies…

I am hero level 107 and it is 26.1% sp for me.  And i already have over 30% sp 

So this offer looks fine to me ?

I also played from almost the start, but definitely don’t have 35%, like most of us.

Reason is this, in the beginning you get 0.1% improvement per forge, when your skull percentage is pretty low (4%-), then it rapidly starts to decrease. At 6.3% it starts to become 0.01% per forge and somewhat later it takes multiple forges to upgrade it with 0.01%. 

Now a question, do you keep forging troops, spells and everything else when improvement is low or even is considered as wasting pearls by most?

Take for example arblaster range. We can forge it till range 6.51, but then next forge will not increase that value any longer. That’s the signal for most players to stop forging range. Some players however will keep forging it till max range (6.54), but most stop long before reaching the max.

Same happens with skull gear, a lot of players stop forging when improvement of skull perk is less than 0.1%, majority who can afford the pearls still will go on with forging till 0.01% improvement, but only a select group will keep forging it up to 6.9%.  

Like 300-500 players in the game i think

You can’t forge skull perk on a weapon. So if you want to have 50-70% speed on your war gear, you MUST have a speed cape. There’s no way around it. That’s why I say that having a skull+speed cape is definately a must. Raiding with just 1 speed perk is not good enough in the hardest bases in wars.

The kickback aura ring is very good as well. Either that one or the heal aura ring are very very recommended for your war set.

Why we cant foge skull perk on a weapon?

also in hard bases in war we need gems, no matter how many speed do you have

Because it’s not possible to remove the right perk and get skull perk on it, which is what @Dena4 was suggesting.

Yep, correct, only on cape, ring and belt you can get a skull perk by removing another perk. I didn’t suggest it, didn’t know if an uber weapon exists with speed plus skull perk. 

So, forge a speed cape and turn it into skull perk, because 35% speed isn’t enough. That sounds not bad, maybe better than some extra leadership indeed. As soon as I have pro cape with speed perk, I will try to get it.

That’s what I’m trying to do as well, but unfortunately I haven’t had any luck with a good pro speed cape yet.

In the meantime I’ve been using my 25% speed cape with skull perk.


ps: about the speed+skull weapon, it doesn’t existe for now, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until Flare makes one. If they make it a €€€ exclusive item (available only in a special offer package such as this one) I’m sure they’ll get a lot of money for it.

Are they permanent… they give you 9 inventory slot permanently… i tough that i would lost my item if i didnt got 9 spaces


I find the entire premise of “fairness” interesting, as presented by the original poster.

The theory is that longer-playing participants have had to earn their perk levels, and it is “fair” that they have a monopoly of power.

This happened in the late 19th century in the United States.  Individuals who were early exploiters of a resource secured control, and made competition virtually impossible.  These early players were referred to as “Robber Barons.”  Robber Baron is disparaging term.  

This issue is not unique to Royal Revolt.  I’ve seen this happen in many games where rewards are cumulative.  Early players have the advantage of longevity, and are bitter when the game-masters try to balance the game in order to save the game.   And that is what this is about - keeping the game alive.  Without new players, you lose your game, and FG loses their money.  

I don’t know if I’m a new player; I have 12 and half months of time in, and I am at Level 110.  Before today my Skull Perk was only 5.2%, via a weapon called “Shillelagh.”  For the first time, I spent $ on the game and bought this offer.  My Skull Perk is now 26.6%.  (Interesting, I kept Shillelagh, and melted the Axe I just bought, because my existing weapon had a higher Skull Perk).

Robber Barons - fear not!  With all your skill and experience, you can dominate the Pro Leagues, where time-in and money-spent mean nothing.   


The thing is: in this game, the rewards are cumulative but you are faced with the law of diminishing returns.

The more you play (aka forge) the less you get. This means that going from 28->30% skull bonus or going from 32,0->32.2% probably takes the same amount of effort/investment.

This means that unless Flare changes things up in the game, pretty soon we’re going to reach a point where free players will have pretty much caught up with the big spenders (I’m talking about the guys that have spent thousands of dollars in the game).


ps: you went from 5% to 26% with this special offer. I think that’s awesome, congrats man. That’s one of the biggest jumps out there, for sure.


I’ve been playing this game for a long long time. The only thing that I’ve never seen for sell before was the skull perks items. It was something special. So if you “cultivated” those items,  for a long long time, one day you would be doing some difference in wars. The idea that all this effort (time, perls, gems) was for nothing makes me uncomfortable. Specially because I’m a player that never spent any money on the game. I had this idea that you could still be relevant without paying, apparently I was wrong. I wonder if from now on you will have to invest money every new update to keep yourself in good alliances as the bar will be set higher from now on. Is it the death of free players being able to compete? This proves that all the relevance that the free players got over the time with SP ended now. We already have to wait more than 20 days to open a single dungeon. Wait for a month to get the chance to participate in the event that gives the best items. For me it seems that you might be attracting players willing to spend and luring free players, that watch ads for everything to be relevant, away.

I’m actually sad about this offer. Also I saw someone mentioning that its not fair for new player because they will never match with old players, and that this is a skill game. Well whenever you have levels and the more levels you have, the stronger is your character, of course time will influence this. The matching curve just got lot faster. I wonder when are they going to sell complete gold or xp sets. They might as well sell to complete all dungeons. Why not sell a copy the same equipment and perk levels (with re-forgings included) as the top 10 on the ranking?  If it’s just a matter of play skill why not remove level system completely? Or why not remove all the cap on waiting time?

In the end the phrase that sounded louder in my head was

free to play, pay to win.

Dude, you’re being way overdramatic.

I’m almost a free player (I have only bought the daily gems packs, which I highly recommend) and I liked this promotion.

The thing about skull perks is that you need to forge them alot, every week. So for anyone whose lvl is high enough (probably 110+), most of their skull items are already so highly forged that this promotion was useless for them.

This was my offer. The only item that would be worth it to me are the bunny pauldrons (for my farming gear). Everything else I either have a better one already, or I just don’t want it for me “final” war set. That’s the reason why i didn’t buy the promotion, it just wasn’t worth it to me.


You have to understand that this pack is focused for “newbies” (and people that didn’t have an heal aura ring yet ). Anyone that had around 30% skull perks didn’t get much (if anything) from this set.


Just let the “newbies” get better gear. Make their life easier. Make the game more interesting for them. It doesn’t affect you or me.