Promotion videos on Pc not working

I installed Royal Revolt 2 yesterday and the promo videos were working just fine but when I opened the game today and pressed on the video button it turned grey. I went to your ‘Account & Technical Help’ and read ‘I  am not able to watch the videos after an update; the buttons are greyed out. Can you help me?’ but even with the wlan connection it’s not working
Does this happen a lot? Is there a number of times to how much you can watch?

I have the game on a windows 10 pc. Thank you

Nevermind I fixed it. I had to unistall and install it again.

it will happen again when alliance war ends.

you need to reinstall game again and again after every maintenance break…

maybe one day FG will solve windows user problem regarding free video.

Really? O.o

Thanks for the info

You can try what buuks said, I’m not very sure about it working, because it doesn’t for me, but you can give it a chance if you want

Also, this issue is very well known, Flare asked the ad provider what’s going on and they’re waiting for an answer.

Because of that I’ll close this topic. Any question or whatever, you can send me a private message as always.

Cheers :slight_smile: