Proper Etiquette For Leaving a Guild?

I am currently in a guild and am its highest level player(in medals at least) but I assume by my drastic lead in trophies to the rest of my guild mates I am higher in ‘actual’ level as well. I also participate heavily and questionably more than the other members of my guild save its leader and my fellow generals. For the last three guild battles we have been vastly out numbered so I understood when the majority of my guild(of 17 people) only the three main people would participate.Myself my Leader and a fellow general. As we are the most loyal participants and seek to set an example and show loyalty reguardless of the odds.I don’t really hold it against the other 12 or 13 guild mates that don’t participate.But now for the first time since guild wars was initiated we had a decent chance to win .Everyone we are currently pitted against has about the same amount of trophies and players and the same four people showed up to participate and we are still losing .Now when we where out gunned I can see the lack of participation but the one time we had a decent shot no one showed. But thats not all.When I became a member of this guild I also notice that since I have joined I am the only one who has made noticable improvments to my base as well as made signifigant gaines in trophies.While the bulk of our guild including our leader has had around the same trophy range and base build for the last 6 months.How are we supposed to compete if no one builds themselves individually with in the guild? Part of me wants to stay as I am the strongest member and it is my first guild.I keep hoping things will get better.Maybe the fact that my guild is made up of 4 or 5 different Nationalities and its hard to communicate has something to do with it but I know for sure player participation on the part of members of my guild is a big issue.Espeaseally since you can see your guild mates log on and off and not participate in war what so ever at the same time

Now since guild wars have begun participatin is a must. I need to know are these good reasons for leaving a guild? And if i do leave do I just drop or do I make my reasons known to the rest of the guild? So they may change what they are doing for future recruits. And what ever advice you give should it be regular protocol for players who are dis satisfied with their guilds? I would like us as a gaming community to try and set some unanimous unwritten rules of in game etiquette instead of being in its current state of everyone just jumping ship getting the boot and running around all willie nilly.

Well I think you must talk to your leader and general first I.e why they are not improving their bases and their should also try to talk to other members via chat I.e why they are not participating in wars.leaving your alliance is a tough decision but sometimes we need to move on for our own good.try to make everything right and try harder as much as you can by all possible means and look for few more days or one or two alliance wars.but if you do not notice any change after your efforts then I think you must leave for a better alliance.

Hi Den216,


As an alliance leader, although it pains me to see a player leave, a quick email (if possible) or a 2 liner in alliance chat mentioning that you are moving on is always better than just pressing the quit button.

Unless you are a decent trophies/ high donation player , keep in mind that changing alliances does carry some risk and the grass might not be greener elsewhere.


Because of the current game design, with limited real interactions with your guild, loyalty is alliances is generally low unless the alliance actively cultivates/promotes it.  

Most of the better ones do, some achieve very high loyalty in a large portion of their members.


What is a good reason to change alliance? Well a lot of it will depend on your perspective and goals in the game.

It also depends at what level/stage you current are in the game. Although we all play by the same game rules, one could argue that there are actually several stages to the game.


No reasonable person will argue that you are disloyal if you are leaving because:

  • Your trophies/lvl are significantly greater than the rest of your alliance. Now all alliance have a spread but if you are the only 4k player and the next one is at 2.5k. You are an outlier.

  • If you progress much faster than the rest of your alliance.

  • If you are the only large extra donor in your alliance.

  • If a large portion of your alliance does not participate in wars causing your alliance to lose.


Being in the right alliance will make all the difference in the world for you as a player both in terms of enjoyment and progression.

Being in the wrong one will cause you to stall and you won’t even know it because you will not know better.

Having access to knowledgeable players will save you months in learning curve. Having the right boosters will get you hundreds of trophies in a week if you are active.


Having said this, know that managing an alliance is very difficult and the benefits are extremely limited (NIL). It is a very ungrateful task.

90% of players will just press the QUIT button, and leave without a word. The fact that you are asking yourself these questions show that you care.

Have you considered lending some assistance to your current leader offering your help at trying to fix some of these issues?




Knight Gallant




I had that problem with a lot of my players as well. Lots of no-shows. It seems like I’m having to replace 3 people each War Season.

Here’s my train of thought. You want to build an active alliance with your friends. However, the sheer amount of people you would have to shave off to keep only the active members, would pretty much make your alliance dead-in-the-water, plus it would be cruel to too many people at once who likely won’t be welcome anywhere else.

So what do you do? You want an active alliance with the same active people, but you don’t want to be sunk not do you want to be cruel. The solution, then, is a merger. Talk to the actives in your guild. Tell them that you’re wanting to move, and that you want them to come with you. Then, find a good alliance with 4 spots open. Join it, and bada being bada boom, you have an active, with your friends, and you haven’t hurt anybody’s feelings (: At least, that’s what I would do.

Just throwing this out there, but Angelic has 6 spots available. But we have a few downsides:

  1. Our highest trophy level is 3,500; lowest trophy level 2,000. Relatively low.

  2. Lv. 24, but trying to grow.

  3. We’re outmatched this season (hence why a lot of mercenaries jumped ship (/)_-)) so you’d be sitting out for yet another season.

But if you’re interested, we all are still active, we have high donations (two 500k donators, including myself), and we do all work together (: If you’re in that range, we’d be more than happy to take you all. (:

I think alot of the problems with in my guid are due to time zone differences and the fact that I don’t think some of us even speak the same languge litteraly.I’m gonna give it until I reach my lvl 80 1000 gem goal and upgrade my alliance tower signifigantly to show further loyalty to the group so that they see I’m not giving up.then if I see that no one elses bases are upgraded or have changed or trophies lvl haven’t moved it will be going on six months then i will have made a decision,It’ll serve two purposes 1 it’ll make sure the next guild i go to i can make substantial donations and 2 it’ll give me time to see if my guild mates are really tying to win. I don’t think speakin with my leader will do much good as i don’t think he/she even speaks English but i will try.If not I’ve been keeping all my guild invitations for the last month so i’ll have plenty of guilds to pick from should i leave.I just didn’t wanna give up on being in a guild with a solid foundation and being a solid member with future potential just for being impatient. Besides my trophy gap between my other guild mates isn’t that high but at the rate i see progression it will be and my donation rate is low due to the lack of paticipation I see from my fellow guild mates(Why invest if no one shows up?) But one things for sue when and if I do leave this guild I will be ready willing and able to jump in with both feet on the next one I’m not wasting time a second time

If you do get to the point where you must leave just let them know you are not happy and want to shop alliances.


Shopping is not hopping. There is nothing wrong with leaving an alliance to find a better one.

Hopping is when you leave an alliance for the first decent invitation.



You can also ask the leader nicely if he minds handing over leadership so you can build the alliance better.

But you’d have to handle that situation delicately. Also it is tough work being a leader, it’s not for everyone.

What language does he/she speak? We have a translator we might could lend you o.O