PRO's & Cons of the Pro League

I have several things to say concerning the PRO’s & Con’s of the PRO League

PRO: I love doing them ~ CON: the event should be either free to do like festivals & events are; or… ticket timer needs to be drastically reduced so players can participate more often.

PRO: (not exactly) I am not sure how many Cups there are? I am sure I have done some more than once please create more ~ CON: all Pro Cups should have 3 spells (this current one has only 2)

CON: Tower Madness Cup NEEDS the Sonic Blast spell ~ CON: PRO Shop needs to reduce it’s prices for items ~ CON: ticket donations should be for all friends on your Friends list not just Alliance.

PRO: did I mention I really love doing them?

anyhow I do like doing them. :slight_smile:





I think with the purchase-tickets it feels more than a special thing. Remember that you can earn a huge amount of gems when you win top rankings. 

Well, technically you have a 0.1% chance to earn gems from the chests (the same as a Pro Ticket) and there is no monthly PL anymore. It’s not likely to get a ton of gems, but you can get a ton of gold and crystals!

I wouldn’t agree that every pro league should have 3 spells and/or 3 troops.

I actually enjoy the fact that it may be something different from the regular gameplay. Indeed, I would even suggest that some more odd pro leagues could be created.

This tower madness one sounds actually like an interesting idea. Didn’t try it out yet, and from the general scores so far I would guess a lot of people aren’t finding it that much interesting haha

But I would point out as a CON that it is rare the pro league you can complete 100%. I’m not saying they should be easy (otherwise everybody would hold a gold crown), but you should aspire getting a full score every now and then. The current situation is: I start pro leagues already waiting my ***** to get kicked pretty badly.

Tower Madness for me was more like Tower Sadness.

I did not do very well at all, not that I ever do awesome.

I can clear several challenges 100% then I get partials,and a few where if I make 1 crystal I consider it a personal best.

I am not entirely sure (and usually get into trouble) voicing this opinion; BUT…

1.) I thought the league was made so you can not do all 12 Challenges 100% and that “IF” a player did complete all 12 it would notify Game Devs that a player is using some form of game exploit.

and 2.) knowing human nature as it is, and since games are code, IMO people tend to share within select inner circles, programming hacks which would allow them to complete all 12 levels with perfect scores. Because although I am not a top rank player and never will be; I would be suspicious of any player who claims to have completed any PRO League Cup, especially Tower Madness with 12 100% scores.

and here it comes in 3,2,1 Madlen to ask me not to say such things. (sorry Madlen)  

I’m sorry @SinisterEggplant, I don’t think you understand the Pro League. It’s to find out who is the best player with a certain combo. It’s a really fun event that tests your skills in the game! Tower Madness was indeed a tough Pro League, but nobody got 100% on all the levels. Nobody even got to 2000. You are allowed to do all 12 levels 100% without being called out as a cheater. I have even been extremely close to 100% on round 12. Had I still had more than just 3 minutes to finish the level, I would’ve won! So, you see, the Pro League is not to find cheaters, but only to test your skills and get awesome rewards for it!

Tower madness cup, something missing in it and needs to be fixed… (either introducing third spell or nerf certain levels) That’s what I could say about it. 

Maybe some skill was missing. This was a tough PL, but not really that tough. It’s very easy to obtain a 1300+ score if you are patient in your attacks

I understand your frustrations, but AK hit the nail on the head- it is supposed to challenge your skill with a varying set of spells/gear/troops AND LEVELS every time.  To be proper, I think the “Pro League” should be renamed the “Weekly Challenge” or something like that, so people don’t confuse it with everything else we do that is similar-where the Pro League is NOT.  I find it both fun and infuriating at times because my style of play is smashmouth and I like to blow things away with my sonic blast, blizzard, and other spells I use.  I also prefer to have at least 2 ranged troops to help with towers.  When I play a PL with similar setups, of course I do fairly well, but when one pops up with say, toxic cloud and stun (which I never use), slow troops like monk, vike, and necro, and a low level offfensive power, it can be quite the challenge.  What it DOES do for me is exposes me to troops, spells, pals, etc. that I normally wouldn’t use and gives me experience using them where I may change up my offense because of it.  The only time I really get infuriated by the PL is when they don’t give us anything to take down super boosted barricades except by hitting them, and I don’t have enough time to do all 12 boards even if I finish 80% of the ones I DID do.  ( I guess you could say I’m not a fan of the 30 min timer…)

Anyway, I congratulate those who CAN do all 12 levels in one fell swoop (non-cheaters of course), and those of us who can’t- it challenges us to try harder next time.

Even though I don’t ever finish all 12, the rewards just for trying are well worth it to me.  I like the challenge. I just wish we knew what it was without having to come HERE every time.  A little “i” button with the stats of the current PL would be wonderful!

We may have something in store for you soon :grinning:

The main problem is:

I am forced to play pro-league for my alliance and their boosts.

Personally I don’t like this event. I know several players which enjoy pro. Meanwhile it seems that some alliances are already specialists in pro.

So let them play their pro-league but don’t force me to participate this event furthermore.

…nobody is forcing you to play the pro league. Perhaps you are the only one to participate in your alliance to try and get the boosts. If you really think it’s that big of a deal then you should be joining another alliance. No one is forcing you to play. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to play it

This is a social game.

So if I am part of an alliance, i have to participate pro-league to win those boosts for my alliance.

It’s the same with alliance war. But I like this event ?

Seems like you are forcing it upon yourself. Don’t complain