Provide Xbox Controller Support

This would also allow Xbox users to play the game.

Allow customizing which buttons do what and have a default one.

There are many ways it can be configured.  For example you could use triggers + buttons to do different activities. 

Say hovering over player and pressing down  right analog stick could be the main attack vector.  Then the X,Y,B,A buttons could be the buttons that call the different units into battle. If there are more than 4 pressing the menu button would toggle between the first 4 and the next 4.  The currently selected ones would be highlighted in the game.  But if you hold the left trigger the X,Y,B,A buttons would now be used for powers.  Holding the left bumper above the left trigger + X,Y,B,A could launch incantations.  


The right bumper and trigger buttons could be used If you have more powers/incantations than the 4 available buttons.  

Another way to do incantations could be using the d-pad and having each direction select a different incantation and if there’s more than 4 having a toggle button and it would show on the screen which incantations are selected.  


There are many ways to do this but I think this would be a neat way to be able to play on the TV and bring the game to Xbox if possible.  

@captainmorgan do you have any plans to bring Olympus rising on XBox ,would be cool.

I hope you do it someday.

It would be nice to do this, but there are unfortunately many hurdles which need to be passed, due to the different standards which console platform holders have as compared to releasing on a mobile device OS.

Could controller support be added to the windows version?

(not that it should be a priority, but it would be neat)

That would be neat, and a nice first step. Low priority, but is also something we have thought about and would like to do.

It would be neat if you had a beta testers program that you can enroll in using MS account.  My guess is that based on the account the MS store would send the beta version of the game or allow a choice from drop down menu.  I have an xbox controller specifically for my pc gaming and would be willing to beta test if anything like that ever comes about.