prview and "what if"-items

There are several threads out there on how to calculate the strength of items. but i (and i am sure lots of players) really would like to have an ingame preview system as it hepls to understand things and to decide things better and easier. but not only this: i often wonder "how would such an item/perk and combinations of perks feel like in combat before investing lots of resources or someone tells me his/her observations.

so here are some screens regarding to this and to discuss: some new forge element to make “what if” items that can be tested in our own defense or that of your allies for free and maybe that can also be taken on the normal map or even war… (therefore only an limited amout of those items is possible to have and also a cooldown (like zeus/hades) is needed before making a new one.) and you have to own the “basic” items… but its all described in the screens. would be great to get some feedback - its just an idea but maybe it can grow.

(maybe such a testing mode can be made for towers and powers, but in my opinion for items it is more important because you can make here so many combinations and not every is really useful…)

important: only if a bug free version can be guaranteed … ?





Hi Nan, I am not against your idea, because it adds value and options… however, I do want the cost to be there… and a bit higher. Like 25 gems for example. I realize that this “try it” button, will be for every step, but most of these results can be calculated with almost a precise calculation. I have been doing it for a long time.

It seems unfair imho, that people spend so much time making excels, observing values, changes from the devs, changes in using 1-2-3-4-5* dismantles and making guides for them, to just simply hand them over on a silver platter for free. Like many other times we said, it removes the fun factor if everything is there and easy, but at the same time too much uncertainty is bad (like the random cases). A balance between this, would be for non-random items to see the result, but with a cost. I think it also incentives devs, and at the same time, making it more clear for both new and old users.

You got my vote!

hi @Archimides, thx for your reply.

i know that there are a few player you know how to calculate and how to plan and design good items with a horizont of a few levels and for final usage. oviously they are concentated in titan league (but not only of course).
i mean sometimes even the values are so predictable without nearly any effort: for example in the item below the frostbite and its value is predictable… 5215/46050*36837=4171.66
(not exactly, but good enough. and this should work because demolition and frostbite seem to have similar calculations and value range. but this kind of calculation does not work on every combination ofc.)


i would like it if every player from the beginning could see what a difference it makes if you forge carefully with carefully choosen items. take damage: a few points in the beginning seem low, but at the end it summarizes.


and imho i also think its important to get some chance to test items and their combinations. that was my main motivation for this proposal: unless you get told what to do or you dont care on investing tons of resources to try out some stuff, players feel an obstacle of trying new things. i mean even when you buy things in the internet you can send them back if you dont like them. here you cant and just feel anger and maybe betraid…


i think it would be a good thing to have an oportunity to try things. maybe new players would start using it earlier, idk.

I think you could maybe more elegantly do the same thing by showing the level the item was acquired at and giving it a grade. An “A” grade item at level 99 is roughly equal to a “B” or “B+” from level 100. You know that if you get an “A+” at any level it’s going to be at the top values for that item at its level if you max forge it. 

yes, this is also a very good suggestion. and something like this has also been suggested more than once (as far as i can remember). butmaybe they wont do it because they would have to manipulate also old items. so i came up with such an idea (and in combination with the ability to try stuff). i think that it also would be nice (great, super, … whatever superlative you prefer) to have the ability to test out items (or to be more precise perks and combinations of them) without the hiuge effort of time and recoureses.

edit: actual rigth now there is a slightly difference regarding item color (i dont meen the green/blue/… /red item-colors): good ones shine golden, middle silver, and bronce. but this is a very rough quantisation and does not distinguish between base and perk (or added perks). and when leveling up a formerly A+ can turn to a B or worse after some steps. this should also be considered then. and also a marking if the item has been dropped as a cursed one would be great. with rare perks its clear, but cursed elemental ones are hard to distinguish - i cant. 

although i would like to have more control of what id like to try here another suggestion/sompromise regarding “what if” items:
maybe we can win those from a chest - like above suggested they can be used X times on any map (or infinitely be tested on own base) and total max of Y can be held in stock. But they are made (and superforged) from actual (not locked?) items in stock (as a base) but we dont get told which items have been used… so FG can control the chance of getting them and they do not have to manipulate/change existing ones and still can hide some informations they dont want to share…