Public Chatroom

There could be a public chat for anyone to talk on and could be used for just general advice for newer players and could become a good mentoring tool for players who want help to grow and other tips while in game.

Is it something like a Global chat where all players put their views in their language in a separate chat in Game . If it is ,it would be very good. All Kings and Queens chat ,share ideas without any alliance boundaries. 

Easy to find alliances and alliance members. 


This is exactly what I meant @Boundingleaf285!??

:x:  I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Yes, it’s good for finding alliance members and alliances, but we have to consider that there are over 90.000 active player worldwide. Introducing a feature like that, _ servers could overload _ and there could be more possibilities of crashes and lags.

Proposed at least 50 times. rejeted at 100%. Too much complex for Flaregame and maybe this demand a lots of works and rework. This work great in RPG online games but not in RR2. The game is already full of icons and stuffs. No place for a global chat.

At least the same like RPG online its not possible. Flaregames if they want to add it must do it like Dawn of Steel. Without that its close impossible

This is correct, therefore we have no such plans.

Thank you!

Thank you really much! ?

There are other forums, like discord. Players who have the urge to chat with others, can do so on those forums.