punish a person for abuse

A player ties me up several times and it’s not fair that I put my gold together with effort and because he has elite … he takes away my gold and trophies … I try to speak nice but he threatens me that he will attack me I am loyal to royal revolt 2 and I want to be sanctioned as it should be because if it continues like this … I will never play this application again … and I will tell everyone that this is not fair

Upgrade your defense and attack back - of, if you want to get rid of this attacks quickly, just place 2 towers beside your gate and remove all others. He will then first crush you gate and loose trophies to you.

I gave this advice already multiple times. First realize it’s a game. It’s a tower defense plus raiding game. 

See raiders as players who test your base for free. As long as they beat your base, it’s proving it’s not enough. When they start to struggle, it’s a signal that a little improvement can be enough to scare him away. 

When a much stronger player is raiding you, you should ignore it, but definitely don’t leave gold unprotected, you don’t want him to profit. In other topics it’s already been discussed what’s best strategy to get enough gold for an upgrade. (summary raid till farms are empty, silo still full. Come back within 2.5 hours, you will have lost some gold, but a higher gold level to start with,  raid again till farms are empty. Activate free gold shield for 3 hours and do your final raids, including emptying silo. When you now still come gold short, use items to get enough gold, but this should be already more than enough for any upgrade!)

When a player keeps raiding you multiple times a day, most important is to realize it’s a game, don’t get upset by it. You need to raid players, he also. When a player keeps raiding you, make it less attractive for him. One possibility is to decrease your trophies a lot (for example from 2500 to 1500) and stay there for more than 5 days. Loot algorithm needs time to adjust and needs several days to adjust. Remember that trophies are only important during ninja raids and for show. For the rest, staying low helps you, you will even get gold more quickly. 

The raider will still be able to raid you of course, but gold rewards will be lower for him, medals are also not interesting. By lowering trophies, your gold is more protected against higher players, it’s as simple as that. He can continue raiding you, but a lot of progress he won’t make with the lesser amounts of gold, while you can go on and improve your defense.

If you spend enough time on defense, the players around your new and lower trophy level won’t be able to get your gold. If he still doesn’t stop, very easy, dump trophies on him by raiding and immediately retreating. Do this 3 times in a row a couple of times a day. His trophies get higher and as a result he will be targeted by stronger players. Let him feel how it is to be the victim. 

Or… Improve your AT (higher donation) and search for a team that has boosts which help you to beat him. When some team members are very strong, you could even ask them to take care of him. But it gives more pleasure when you do it by yourself. Good luck. 

At this time I am building stuff of several millions (upgraded my castle to it’s highest level in fact) without spending even a dollar/yen/euro or whatever in real cash. I never loose my gold from the vault so you don’t play smart. And I get attacked.

Btw I raided other players for fun/cash I think once or twice this month.

Learn to think outside of the box and you should be able to do so too.

How is this helping the topic starter? Do you even think I spend any cash? I didn’t spend any cash for more than 2.5 years now, the cash that I spend I 95% used for my previous team.

topic starter probably won’t have a glass sphere and can’t predict what you mean. So share your answer and go more into details.

So how do you play smart? 

Simple, by deliberately dropping your trophy level to 1000+ lower than you should be and hang around there for at least 5 days (time needed for loot mechanism to adjust) and stay there. Fact is, when you don’t do it, players around you and lower don’t give any gold. But after you drop trophies, they all start to give better gold. 

95% of the players who get you from matchmaker will fail miserably and ones that really look for you with higher trophy levels see not a lot of gold from you, since loot algorithm doesn’t show gold for raiding players that have a lot of trophies lower than yourself.

Higher players who are able to beat your base get not a lot of gold and players around you, who raid will miserably fail (precondition is that you spend time and energy in upgrading your base, which needs gold). And not getting gold plus medals is the point for scaring the raider away. When you drop trophies, a harasser can keep raiding you, but it’s not really interesting to do so. 

For example, I also have a harasser who for himself has a very lousy defense. He raids me and last raid he got 1k gold. he only is able to defeat my base, since his team offer him max boosts, but every now and then he loses. I did a counter raid (I always win 100%, his towers are like paper, a blizzard even damages his firebolts that much, that just one blow of wind is enough to destroy the firebolt.) and got 700k+. He hurts himself by raiding me, he doesn’t make any progress with the gold he gets from me, while I have fun to take his gold. 

Yes, it’s not hard to upgrade. A player can save daily chest for 2 days plus (if he/she has them) save legendary video chests and open them all on the moment you need gold. That I do when I need multiple upgrades in a very short period of time. It’s easy when having 8+ legendary chests, they already give an easy 8M+, the rest of the required gold (My lowest upgrade cost 11M) I just do a few raids for.

Bold / loud text equals whining. One gets a respons in kind.