Purchases in game

We need a warning message when buying items like an extra worker or finish upgrade, I’m sure many players have mistakenly wasted gems this way  as its so easy to click things in the game, if so please vote in the poll above.

I think there was a post on this previously (not now). Anyhow, yes you are correct. There is a need for confirmation button before any use of gems or pearls. :slight_smile:

That’s one of many proofs that Flare doesn’t really listen to their players :slight_smile:

I wish for a confirmation button, but this is a point where they can catch more gems than other things with the “accidental click”… i don’t think they will add a confirmation button although it would be ok for everyone

It would make a lot of players happy if they did have a conformation  button, time’s I’ve heard members of my alliance who have clicked end upgrade by mistake talk about it in chat. 

I agree we need conformation button I have accidently press on upgrades and wasted gems doing so,special when forging units and end cool downs by accident flare needs to make this change soon