Purple Pumas! Join us! Active emerging alliance!

‘Purple Pumas’

English speaking, friendly and active alliance looking for recruits. Any level as long as you participate

Purple Pumas is searching for new recruits!


As our king said, we are an english speaking, friendly and active alliance. And a few alliance infos to help you decide:

  • Alliance level 11, 12% gold bonus
  • In the war season we already got 27.525 skulls in the first day! And we are successfully defending our territory


Our chat is always full. We are a talkative alliance :slight_smile:


Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of the team!


We have 1 free spots for an active players who will compete in the wars. We have some requirement for the participation in our alliance:

  • active player (we give you 1 day off, if you’re not excusing yourself, not participating in the war)
  • donating at least 1k a day or 7k a week (let’s say you know you’re going somewhere for a few days. You write it in the alliance chat and donate at least 7k for the whole week and we’re okay with it :slight_smile:
  • minimum 700 trophies

So, if you think we’re the best alliance on the world, then come!



Queen Strudla

Little update: 42.219 skulls already :slight_smile:

I need to keep this thread updated :slight_smile:

Hi people! Purple pumas are again recruiting :slight_smile:


We have 2 spots open for new members! Just come and apply :slight_smile:


And we won the last war season with almost  100k skulls and 5 fiefs :slight_smile:

Little update: 1 spot open for a new member!


And the hard facts: we are the 1777 on the leaderboard, we have a 14% gold boost and a 5% tax bonus with 12 fiefs! Our alliance level is 12 and to come to the new war season… we’re again first with 77k skulls!

And again a little update: 114k skulls :grinning:

Purple Pumas are recruiting again! We have 3 free spots!


Again the requirement for coming into the alliance:

  • at least 1500 trophies (this one changed)
  • at least 7k gold donating every week
  • active player (we need someone who plays at least once a day and can fight in the wars)

Some alliance infos:

  • alliance lvl 15
  • gold bonus 16%
  • tax bonus 7%

And don’t forget…


Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of the team!



Come and be part of the team!

We have 1 spot open!

Applied and was denied just as fast. Seems this alliance NOT looking for players anymore.

LordAnthen I haven’t seen your post here. Sorry for that. If you’re still interested in becoming our member then apply again or leave your ign here so that we can invite you. But our req changed again. 1500 trophies minimum it is now. So if you have more than 1500 trophies and you want to be part of our alliance then come :slight_smile:


We have 2 free spots!

Applied. Waiting for response


Purple pumas are trying to get back in the game! So we are searching for players!