Purpose of Royal Revolt II or a call to Flaregames to fix the loot algorithm


Would like to start a discussion concerning the purpose of this game. Really hope someone from Flaregames will read this thread and will give a second thought about the issue.

RR2 core basis is raiding. We raid to climb higher on the leaderboard, to gain medals for the leagues, but the most important, we raid to get enough gold for our upgrades

The loot algorithm as it is today, is a disaster and ruins the core idea of this game. As soon as you win 5-6 raids in a row (~3-4M gold) the loot offered to you is ridiculous. So, big upgrades are out of the question, unless you activate shields and waste gems.

There are 2 options. First, to continue raiding endlessly for hours for a negligible addition to your gold, but still never getting there. Second, much more easy way, to collect videochests each couple of hours and gather enough gold, without any need to raid… Not complaining about this feature. Videos make everything much easier.

So, my request to Flaregames: Please think again about the purpose of this game for the players. Then, please fix the LOOT ALGORITHM. It ruins the game and makes it boring.

The very least flare need to do is mark down gold prices in events like this. They can also offer the gold package more often like one time a day each day in offense, Defense and castle event.15 million for around 900 gems or less vs 2500 plus to buy it at whole cost. Gold is one of the biggest waste of gems. If they offer 60% to 75% off gold right now they would make a lot money off it.

I haven’t ever experienced this issue. I don’t know but maybe Flare can keep additional 25% free loot generated by system during events. As I had said, in my earlier post in another similar topic, finding gold by itself is difficult at your level ~100 because everyone is aware of the event. At my level maybe 50% are aware.

me either… I,m 94lvl and i dont have problem whit gold…

The problem is there. If you want to check it, try to choose an opponent as a reference. Record the loot he offers you. Then make one successful raid on other base. Check his loot again. You’ll see it decreases. Do it several times. You will see that the loot offered by the same opponent can go down from 500k to 50k in just 5-6 raids.

Outside of event I can pick up 800k to 1200k with alliance gold boost. Right now I’m get 200k to 350k a raid and have to look for them. Level 93 and around 3700 trophies.

If you want to make an independent and objective comparison, gear gold boost and alliance gold boost must not be considered. Only the raw loot showed by match maker.

Surely, My gear and alliance gold boost gives 110%+ addition. But it is not the issue discussed here.

Also, the loot algorithm problem exists all the time. The current event is irrelevant.

I think it’s made to keep players like me from hitting the same player over and over. I have hit the same person 30 times a day before when I have been upset with them or hunger of gold, medals and experience. I think we need more gold in these events, but don’t want them to change this protection. A higher gold boost these events would also help players that don’t want to spend many gems.

Purpose of the events is to decrease time but keep the gold low so that players have to spend gems for gold if they need a lot. Imagine if there was plenty of gold available during events?  :grinning:

It is also that a lot of players used a gold shield to be able to maximize the benefit of this event.

Therefore, there was not so much gold to loot this way… :grinning:

Thanks Aether, at least someone from flares monitors  the forums.

I’m not talking about the event or the lack of available gold because of shielding.

I’m talking about the loot algorithm which makes it nearly impossible to get enough gold by raiding only.

If that is the reason, then @Edward the 7th makes a strong case with his post that FG needs to fix the algorithm.

same problem over here.Edward is right. After raiding more than 5 times in row matchmaker gives 50-70k worth opponents. As well even if you attack +1000 trophies opponents you will find that they offer only below 100k loot of gold.

As well

Think the point was not understood, so to show all what I’m talking about, will post screenshots here to clear the issue:

Sorry, King Bert, needed a higher level player to show the phenomenon and you were the only one around. :slight_smile: Hope you’re OK with this… I was raiding random bases, then took a screenshot of what Bert offers me after each raid.

Please observe King Bert’s base at the beginning of my raids. You can clearly see he is offering me 231K gold:

This is what Bert offers me after I have made one successful raid (on other opponent, not on Bert of course!) he offers 205k:

After a second successful raid he offers already 183k:

After 3 raids on random opponents only 169k:

After only 4 raids, Bert loot offered to me by his base is already significantly decreased to 152k (should be even less, but i have made 98% only at this raid).

Please pay attention, that after only 4 raids during 25 minutes, the loot offered to me by the same player went down from 231k to 152k. That’s 35% less already. I could go on raiding further and would show you that after another 2-3 raids, the loot would already go below 100k.

Bert was just a random reference example. You will see this phenomenon for any other player you choose.

This is the outcome of a ridiculous loot algorithm used by flares since i can remember. This algorithm is ruining the game and making it boring, because it makes raiding almost useless to gather decent amounts of gold for upgrades.

Well, hope this explains all. This is the best I can do to detail this.

So, calling flares to re-think this anomaly in the game and to fix the loot algorithm once and for all. The sooner the better, before more players will quit of boredom.



Lol, I had never noticed it. Nice explanation.

By the way, I have started these 4 raids after another 3-4 made already. Surely, If i was doing these raids and screenshots after a long cooldown, Bert’s base would offer me close to 500k at the beginning.

Have you tried to attack different enemies?

it is also logic that, if you attack the same person multiple times in a row, the amount of gold owned by this player decreases, so does your reward.

Also, having a high reward for attacking the same player multiple times might lead to farming, and it might not be pleasant for him, what do you think?

Switching targets should help :grinning:

Well well well… This is really interesting. I want to state some interesting facts based upon these:

  • My gold is protected with the 3 day shield.
  • I checked my history. It doesn’t show any attack by Edward. It just shows one random attack in 12/24  hours. What flawed algorithm is this? Why does it show these attacks and not Edward’s? Why does it even show any attack if I am protected? 


  • I did not lose trophies (Edward gained trophies). If I did not lose trophies with Edward’s attacks how come I lost trophies with these random attacks in my history? 


Edward, the point of loot coming down after each successive raid on the same player is because of the following reasons:

  • Prevent repeated attacks on the same player.
  • Prevent too much of gold flowing around and making it too easy for players to get gold.

Maximum a player can lose per raid is 600k whereas we have seen bases where it gives more than 800k. I don’t understand the logic and relation between the gold a player has and the gold that can be looted from his base.

I went open base and had around 200k gold. Yet players were getting 300-400k per raid from my base and I lost only 1k each raid. How was this gold amount decided? How come they got 300-400k and I lost only 1k gold each raid?   With the same algorithm, I cannot even get 300-400k per raid during events? Alysea says players have used shields? Sorry, I am not buying the excuse. 

My only problem (and I guess it’s the same problem with almost every player) is that FG deliberately tweaks its algorithm so that bases offer much less gold (80k-250k) during events to make it harder for players to get gold. If a player wishes to take full advantage of such events, he needs to buy gold directly by spending gems. End of story! 


I am sorry to inform You that you completely miss the point.

Edward did not attack same player 3 times in a row. He was just explaining how your loot algorithm works.

please read his post again…

Sorry my bad, I think we both got confused with Bert actually.

From what I know, there is no change in the algorithm for the gold you can get during an event. People rather spend it all for upgrades, or protect it.

However, I will check with the team if any changes are planned or could be made regarding the gold loot itself.