Push notifications

How do i turn them off?

iPhone Devices:

To turn on/off notifications:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > ON7OFF;

  2. A list of apps will appear to you;

  3. Touch the app Royal Revolt 2 and choose your options (Sounds, Alerts and Badges can be turned on/off individually).


Windows Phone Devices:

To turn on/off notifications:

  1. In the App list, tap  Settings Notifications + actions , then tap Royal Revolt 2 from the list;

  2. Turn on  Show in action center. This will allow the app to show notifications in action center.


Android Devices:

Settings > Sound & Notification, then under section “Notifications” go to App notification > Choose Royal Revolt 2 > set “block it / interruption” or “priority”.


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If you are using an Android phone:


Step 1: Enter “Settings” – “General” - “Application manager” 

Step 2: Now you will see “ALL”, “TURNED OFF”, “DOWNLOADED”, “RUNNING” and “SD CARD”. Choose “ALL” list and you can preview all the apps on your Android phone. Select the apps which you don’t want to get the notification.


But if you are using an iPhone:

Step 1: Enter “settings” and Select “notifications”.

Step 2: Select the target program. Now you can uncheck “allow notifications”. 


That’s all. Hope this will help you.