Put Beast level on attack screen and make STUN work on beasts

Hallo All !!!

In the attack screen there is no way to see the level of the beast that is defending the castle, as a result, the castle could have no towers and no waves and still with one high level beast can wipe out your player and your whole army in seconds. That s crazy!!!

FG since u already have the pet icon on the attack screen, can u just make it in  different colours (or at least put a number) indicating the level of the primal beast protecting the castle???

One last thing, why is the STUN spell not working on defending pets??? the slow effect of the POISON spell works just fine, why isn t STUN working at all ??? 

Whenever I need a good laugh I click on the blacksmith upgrade of the STUN spell and see the blunt damage upgrade :slight_smile: …why would anyone want to spend pearls to upgrade THAT FG !!!

You don’t know the level of anything else you fight against either so why provide beast levels. If you’re gonna have specific information then about everything, not just one thing. Also, knowing what beast it is would be way more useful than knowing what level it is, because they are horribly unbalanced. The only thing you look out for when raiding is is it a Phoebe or not.

And stunning beasts would make them utterly and completely useless. They’re already easier now that you can use artillery on them. If anything, I’d have them immune to howl effects, because it makes healing beasts nearly immortal.

R u kidding me Jiggle Fizziks??? u mean it s ok when u can slow the beasts’ speed to nearly zero for 4-5 secs with the Poison spell but it s unfair to stop them for 10 secs with the Stun spell???

…at the very least…FG should reduce the Stun spell duration by a certain % when it hits beasts, giving a good motive to upgrade it …not make them immune altogether, it s ridiculous!!!


By the way, about the colouring of the units and the beasts depending on their level, it is not my idea, FG has already implemeted it on Olympous Rising, which is an RR2 clone.