PVE Mode Idea

Some of you are interested to talk about new PVE mode? in RR2 we have dungeon pretty cool who offer gems,gold,units level,etc… in OR what you think about a Titan Worlmap or something like that. You must defeat and clean islands. After each 10 islands there is a Titan Boss you must defeat for a rewards. More you advance in the game and more the rewards is big. Of course not in 4.0.0 but can be add in 4.1 or 4.2

the Worldmap can have many difficulty : easy,medium,hard,Titan,etc… You can have over 130 islands to do or more. You can do it at anytime

I love the “you can do it anytime” aspect of this idea!

if we want a PVE of course its something you can do at anytime. I just don’t want to make OR like RR2 a greedy game where you need to be always connected to do PVE or PVP mode like Alliance Wars,Ninja Event,Pro League,etc…in RR2 we complain this game demand too much time to play. in OR we have already Alliance Wars and Oddyssey Adventures who take time and its not everyone who can play a lots. So the PVE must be something that will allow everyone to play when they want and when they have time free.