PvP (player versus player) A Trophy is a Trophy is a Trophy

I find myself at a loss, or so it seems because my ideas concerning this game, and most every other players ideas are completely at odds. It involves attacking players and collecting trophies. Royal Revolt 2 Castle Defense IS… about designing a castle, creating a Defense, and creating an Offense. It is about Player versus Player, and unlike an MMO game, with almost no contact with other players. it’s not like there is an online world chat happening where players could grief or troll players. So it is all about leveling your King/Queen; and getting Trophies, Gold and Medals. so why do players seem to think that attacking them more than once is mean? Personally my philosophy to this game is as follows:

IF you have an interesting King/Queen name I like to attack you

IF you have an interesting Alliance name I like to attack you
it is not done out of malice, but out of respect
(I would much rather attack a player with the name Hog Demon, than asdf123)
so if I attack you be proud I like your name.

IF I attack you more than once it is also my way of saying “hi! lets be friends.”

and this is for me the most important;
and what I do not understand at all,
IF you go to bed at night and have 2,400 trophies
and you wake up with 2,300 trophies
what does it matter if you were attacked by 100 players for 1 Trophy each
or by 1 player for 100 Trophy’s?

I can use the random setting and attack whoever pops up, however when I find a player,
who is going to give me 6 trophies for a 3 Crown win, or a random player who is going to give me 2 Trophies for a 3 Crown win; do the math. I am going to attack the player who is
going to give me 18 Trophies for three attacks, over and over and over again to increase my Trophy count. And I will do so until such a time as the Trophies I get from any one player becomes too low to bother with.

IF FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE and the entire RR2 community feel a player should not be able to attack you more than 3 times (or even once) implement that into the game. Just as after 3 attacks the game tells you “too many raids” set the game so that once you attack a player three times the game says “too many raids for 30 days” or make it so you have to attack randomly, to avoid apparently hurting someones feelings; because all the players I seem to talk to regarding this feel it is ‘mean spirited to attack someone more than once’

Personally, I do not think I am ever going to see why players do not like to be attacked more than once by the same person; and at the same time I am never going to understand why I should not attack players more than once. RR2 players maybe you need to ask FLAREGAMES/KEENFLARE to make multiple attacks impossible.

Unless you do, Sinister Eggplant is going to come attack you.

Bring it on :sunglasses:

Some of your points may be good, but some are completely absurd…

In my personal opinion,

NOTE: When I am writing this, I am not pointing you… I am writing all these points with such continuous attackers in mind and as a victim of this miscounduct myself…

  1. Getting 3 attacks per day is fine, not a big deal, but getting attacked by the same player over and over and over and over, hour after hour and day after day is simply crazy… Either the person doesn’t know how to play the game, or that person has some personal issue with you… Attacking like a crazy madman is not the sign of ‘I wanna be your friend… Let’s be friends…’

  2. Attacking someone with good name… Completely agree, as me myself dont like to attack those players who can’t even name them properly… (I hope I have named myself properly… :yum::yum::yum::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)… If you like the name, why then harrass them? attack few times but not continuously…

  3. Attacking on the basis of trophy level, gold level and medal level is completely resonable, but still, that’s no reason to attack someone over and over and over and over again… Find some new player with similar trophy lvl, attack him thrice and leave him and find new player to attack… This gives us a chance to try new bases… Attacking the same base again and again and again is NOT AT ALL FUN!!! once or twice is fine, but continuoulsy, every hour and every day is :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

  4. Everything has limit… More than once could mean 3-4 times… Maybe few more times in a month, but if someone gets attacked every hour of every day, of course he’s gonna lose his mind and ask FG to take control of this issue…

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Doesn’t matter why. If someone wants to raid someone else’s base, let them. That’s what the game is about.

Some people really enjoy that kind of stuff. I know a couple guys that have been attacking each other 20+ times a day, every single day for the past 5 months. Neither of them wants to back down, so they keep the feud going. That’s what’s fun for them.

I personally get no fun from raiding the same base several times in a row, it becomes repetitive and boring for me.