Pyro to dragon annoying

Please remove the part when pyro transforms to dragon,cuts away to dragon changing,you can’t control hero and lose valuable seconds while it does this.More annoying if multiple dragons launch.

We know what a pyro looks like changing thanks,I’d prefer the ability to continue fighting and not zooming up and down the map.

Please change this! I doubt you will.

Also froster and paladin can transform to dragon.

Thistopic has been brought a lot of times on the table, everyone complains, so I hope one day Flare will do something. When you use Ceres with pyros, it makes a ot of dragons, and each time you loose time. I really hate when I have a few econds left and what it takes to take down castlegate, and then a dragon or 2 appear, because it wastes some time and then you can’t destroy gate anymore…

If this isn’t included in the 4.0 update, many will quit I think.

People always say that folks will quit if this or that doesn’t change.