Pyro vs Froster

5 max lvl froster are equally strong as 1 lvl 7 (not maxed) and unboosted pyro!

I’m wondering how many frosters could be killed by one maxed and boosted pyro!

This is not balanced!

One of the “coolest” units in the game will become useless!

Please over think that!

this is true but a defence doesn’t normally have more than 2 frosters per wave. they are there to slow the attack and a little AOE. but if you take pyro in attack you have to drop a more useful unit so most people wont use a pyro in offence. I guess if the defence has a lot of frosters and FB towers then they may or when the dragons get sorted but the lack of range from a pyro can be its weakness if there are boosted arbs in defence.


Frosters are quite balanced now for most circumstances and you are correct in your video but that’s a unit vs. unit scenario which is rare.

Lol, but that’s 1 shot vs. 1 shot. You could just as easily say that 5 Frosters beat 50 Pyros :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pyros are amazing in offense! When boosted, at least. Firebolts, Mummies, and Cannons are useless against them!

Across path overlap and in situations where you have shorter-ranged / melee troops in front of frosters, the pyromancers aren’t even able to hit the frosters, and frosters deal a big amount of damage against pyromancers which can turn their range advantage into a “win without resistance” against pyromancers. And for offense, you can heal/shield frosters to make the pyromancer’s fire damage mostly useless, and ofc froster also has AoE effect to kill several pyros at once in return. :grinning:

Frosters are SUPPORT units. You don’t kill/destroy with them, you just have a few of them to slow EVERYTHING down. It’s than much easier for your hero and units to make short work of waves/towers. Same in defense.

umh i start with frosters spa then gather them with war call and then i try to tank things like pyro gargoyle and the frosters litterally rape out the base^^ later when i have wolf maybe my ally gts boost then i will do froster + wolf and just watch :wink:

If anything Frosters are actually useful than Pyromancers.  Pyromancers are almost never used, but Frosters are in almost every defensive formation.  And I even use Frosters on the offensive about half the time.  Yeah, there are a lot of units that just murder them.  But you have to protect them and they will help you pillage and rape!