Hello guys,


There was an interesting thing in my alliance today where I was suggesting other member to use 1 Pyromancer per wave in defensive waves as that is what i follow and believe in. I was surprised to know other top players are against using them in defense and use them only in offense.


Now I am definitely interested to know from other top players here their take on this. I hope it will be a good knowledge for many of us here.


Do check the poll i created and put your valuable feedback here.

Scraped them on defence since I got my FB towers higher than level 5. Low DPS and high cost, would rather have an extra arblaster.


But would be very interested to hear your reasoning behind using them on defence :grinning:

My thinking is since they have a delayed burning effect whether you have 1 or more in each wave, the effect may be same. So i put max one in a wave. But with high firebolt towers also, I keep them mainly for choke points so that they can kill those frosters/canons and a little affect on mummies too. Since they have more HP they can survive more. I also think they have AOE effect so they affect all in the region like frosters and unlike arblasters. Also if you have mummies with those waves, they can do the stun spell and pyro can do much better damage that way than arblaster.

Fair enough, my only reasoning would probably be the frosters.


Pretty much everyone uses Arblasters on attack these days to kill the ogres and probably mummies. But pyros are like candy to them.


Another main consideration of mine is that I probably want to kill the attacking hero and pyros are completely useless for that.

I always try to kill the hero and pyro is not the one who can do that job the combo of other troops like gargs, arbs, mummy, ogre if we use them there are more chances that the hero of attacking side dies :grinning:

Pyro at this level not good for hero as hero as tons of fire shield already. I do agree for that. May be once I upgrade my initial waves to higher moral, me ay be I will be replacing pyro with some other monster combo. Lets see how others feel of pyro here.

I like the burning effect from pyro. It stops that hero can heal 1-2 seconds more than just a shot from arblaster. Additional they damage the fire shield from items so firebolt towers are supported more. Thats why I put 1 pyro in each wave. 

I personally put 1 or 2 in each wave. (Put 2 in 2 of the 8 waves) for the same reasons stated above.

There’s enough fire damage being put out through the firebolt towers.

I prefer having pyromancers in my offense over arblasters.

Offense wise I believe arblasters are far superior. Even on facebook poll they were the top unit.

I like this explanation.

i prefer ablaster or 2 archer over one pyromancer. Simply because the damage they deal on hero is my priority. 

pyro with combintion of froster is good one for defence…frosters slow the units down and pyro yields damage…the main +ve point about pyro is there range of damage ,it can burn (yield damage)several units at one time.

Used to have one pyro in each waves but then I maxed my arblaster and yeah bye bye pyro , not damaging enough against hero

I used to have roughly 1 pyro per wave, but with fire damage from a bunch of fb towers, they get somewhat less effective (the hero just doesn’t burn 3 times when 2 fb towers and a pyromancer fire at the hero at the same time). Though, ElementG’s argument of getting down the hero’s fire shield early on to boost fb tower effectiveness sounds interesting…


Still they deal a nice amount of area damage, especially at chokepoints and/or in combination with frosters or mummies slowing down the opponents, though that isn’t worth that much as long as the hero is nearby with a heal spell, thus I reduced the amount of pyromancers in my waves to maybe 3 in total, mainly at chokepoints or some part of the path that has no fb towers… at least, theoretically. In practice I recently tried out a lot of stuff with my base layout but mostly I am too lazy to change all waves accordingly, so… :wink:


One argument against them is definitely this, so in an ogre-heavy base, pyromancers do definitely suck: 

Even though the voting results are more towards both, my take is pyro’s are probably better till mid level (up to 3000) game play and may be its better to replace them with arblasters for higher level.

Also since the full effect of Pyromancer is spread over a period of time (burnign effect), for hero especially this means there is a heal spell getting ready to heal it anyway. I guess its better then to have a mortar or arblaster.

in Rank 300 - 90 most of players will use canons. Does anyone get experience about pyros vs. arblaster against canons? Which unit destroy canons faster?

Well, FB towers are pretty damn good, takes about 3 cannons/tower :grinning:

If he reaches them, a pyromancer can burn down whole groups of cannons with 1-2 shots + burning over time.

However, arblasters have longer range and deal a lot more instant damage, so with heal, definitely arblasters deal more damage.

Thus, I’d say it depends on layout, timing and raiding strategy (move ahead with hero, or stay close to your troops?)

In my experience, I’ve had horrific losses due to a stray pyromancer getting behind me and attacking my cannons; a near-max pyromancer just annihilates cannons. I think in one of Flothaboss’s videos, he demonstrated that a max pyromancer can take down a max firebolt tower on its own…


However, I think the usefulness of pyromancers in defense depends greatly upon your king level and trophy level. If you are a middling king, as in maybe around the 2500 trophy level, then most people don’t yet have sonic blast and their bladestorm is pretty weak. Hence they will be depending heavily on their cannons to take down strong towers. Pyromancers, even just one per wave, combined with a few nice choke points and well-placed firebolt towers can really slow down the opponent’s cannons. However, once your attackers start using sonic blast, cannons become less necessary since the hero can take down the towers himself. Then the battle is more of a race to kill the hero, in which case arblasters are definitely the way to go. :slight_smile: