PZAKA Alliance recruitment!!!!

               Do you want to win lots of wars with the brand new PZAKA Alliance well you’ve come to the right place!!

                        This alliance is for motivated members, its friendly and if you meet the requirements then you will fit perfectly in!

                        Also any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and will be looked over by the leader of the Clan if the suggestion is good, then the leader will take that into account.

                     People who will want to join this clan will have to donate and contribute to the wars and players that are constantly fighting and helping a lot they will be awarded!

                         promotions will take place every time a war ends, when the leader sees that one of you is worth more than just a member then you will be promoted General!

Requirements !

donate at least 50k or more

Trophies must me at least 1000 or more

Player level must be a good level to win be able to contribute to then wars!.



Hope to see you in the CLAN! :slight_smile: