Q&A March - question collection

Q: how many out of the TOP 50 players are using windows 10 (not exclusively) to play the game?

Will developers fix frenzy invocation bug?

Yeah. No new. Get gets boring…

I only ever used PC (windows 10) am top 50 for the moment at least.

I also use windows 10 too.

That has been answered in October:

I’ll give you a hint:

I hope he wasn’t in a bike crash!

Whilst the dev need to answer the other questions, I can assure you he is fine :slight_smile:

Can he post something so we know you aren’t holding him hostage?

Thanks to the Q&A of January/February, we know that GK does 3X damage to heroes. But how about damage to the GK? Is there a multiplier on damage from heroes or units or spells?

GK also has a shorter stun duration. How long is the GK stunned when hit by stun perk? (BTW what’s the normal stun duration when stun proc by hit?). How long is the GK stunned when hit by Pheme? Thanks!

Can you extend the oddessy into the weekend when there’s no war?

Gives us something to do when we’re not working.

Q: when was the last time you changes something concerning masteries? e.g. propability values for finding perks for the slots: do they all have equal propabilities to get (if not what is the distribution of the chances)? or is it e.g. harder to get a same perk  for a second time if you already posses it on one of the other slots? or did you change something on the possible perks to get for each slot since you introduced them? did you reduce the chance to get of some of them (e.g. “problem causing perks” like LoH,…)

Here are my questions for the month

  1. Helen’s unique power, seems to be less effective, if you are in front of obstacles. Barricades for example, do they make the effect less likely to happen and by how much? Towers, in the case that they are in the way (specifically on opposite road). Turning units from across the road, works, but if there is a tower possibly in the direct range of the power towards the units, it seems harder. Lastly, if I am facing 180 degrees away from a target (so behind Helen), is that less likely for the power to work, as opposed to right in-front of me. I know the power has a circle range, but i have been noticing all the above are making it harder to turn units.

  2. Does Hydra tower, get affected by non-offensive powers… meaning to hide it’s self? Like Asclepius or other healing powers, Bia, which does nothing to it, and all other powers without direct damage to the tower.

  3. Is Achilles unique power, not added on a previous charge? So say it goes to 100%, and if I hit it again, it just as if I didn’t hit the power button. Also, is it a physical resistance, or a type of all around resistance (something like DR without the reflection). Lastly, is Cyclops power the same, and are the two not combined? Meaning if a Cyclop  shields units around it to 100% of what he can, then Achilles power, won’t do any difference. Both seem to make a circle of shield around units, but the stats aren’t the same… is the greater of the two calculated, if both are used ?

  4. Alliance VP on expiring islands. We had some discussion some time ago, that VP on an island that has expired but acquired after it, is counted towards the alliance total VP (maybe not). Obviously it will NOT count for that island, as it has finished, rightly so. Recently I did this test, and it seemed that my personal VP had not changed, while I gained a 100% + VP from chests. I think VP should count, maybe not for the alliance total, I don’t mind that, but a player who individually wants to get to the final chests, it should not affect anyone else. The point is, that many players, for the fear of not gaining that VP, wont attack if there are 3 minutes left, or 3:25, or even 4 minutes.

4b) So also, when exactly is the VP calculated towards the island? Is it as soon as I brake the wall (or fail), is it on the % screen with the hero, is it after I open my chests (and gain extra VP) or is it when I see the screen which tells me how much VP I won , and then the island appears ? This matters, as to be able to judge if someone will attack or not. And by making VP count towards the player VP, players will not worry if they lose VP or not.

I hope some of the questions that were not answered, will be answered since last time, as I pointed them out again. Thank you!

I think the Achilles/prom/cyclops shield just adds extra health that gets used up before your hero’s true health. No added resistance. 

Does lighting resistance provides Gatekeeper immunity to stun?

Q: can you please bring some clarification how the decision which units come from cadmos “dragon tooth”,  (buffed) dying medusa and (buffed) charon towers works? on which factors do they depend and in which way can this be influenced.

your description of Styx can be missleading:

in the temple of power you speak of shield and give a shield symbol…

… and in odyssey you speak of health (heart symbol)?



Q: can you bring some clarification to this and what is absorbed (or is it in form of extra life) by the shield achilles grants? is the shield from an (buffed) cyclops the same kind of shield compared to styx or are there differences?

It’s extra health. You can see the shield bar on the outside of the green health bar. Health gets taken from your shield before it gets taken from your hero health, but your shield can’t be healed or regenerated the way hero health can be. It gets refreshed when it’s Re-cast. The most recently cast shield will over-write a previously cast shield. So if you use blessed cyclopses with Achilles or Prom, the cyclopses weak shield will over write the strong shield from Styx/Pyro depending on what was cast most recently. 

Are you thinking of Griffin while asking this ?? I think that lighting resistance and stun immunity are 2 separate things, but it’s good to have the dev’s words on that.