Q&A March - question collection

I have a few questions. Hope you can help me out!


  1. What type of damage does the chaos gate do? Can it be reflected or reduced? And Is it just damage or are there other effects as well?

  2. The Phalanx Wall War blessing says 10% damage is that 10% of its heath or 10% of what? And if it is based on the heath does the harbour enhancements also positively affect the damage?

  3. Is there an accurate description of unit special attacks? in previous topics I think I found the answer for Siren Scream and Cyclops Rage but what about the other special attacks, could you give those details as well for the max level?

            - Siren Scream? 150% of sirens health

            - Cyclops Rage? shield is 11k and the blessing shield for other units is 5.5k


            - Execution for spearman? what does it do?

            - Rain of arrows for archers? Damage, slow?

            - Shield block for warriors? Damage reduction and duration?

            - Fortification for the trebuchet? Damage multiplier for buildings/units? other effects?

            - Stone Gaze for Medusa? Duration and damage multiplier?

            - Charge for Minotaur? Damage?

            - Tail slice for Hydras? Damage?

            - Swoop for Griffin? Damage and stun?

            - Rebirth for Phoenix? Max # units that can be respawn or is there a max amount of morale points

  1. Next I find that Ajax his Charge power has great effect on towers and the gate, but very little effect on units. Mine is lvl 17 and 32k physical damage, but it can’t kill a spearman with much less health? How does it work?

 5. And how does the power charge effect of the Power thunder charge work? What is the multiplier for the other powers? and does it increase with the level of Thunder Charge? Could you give more details?

i will post many question and its up to the developer to choose the one they prefer answer

1.Do you have plan to up dominance over 300k?

2.Do you have plan to add more islands in future? With all the heroes now and all the black spot still in the game. You can easily add new island between 150k dominance and 300k dominance. Like demonstrated in my topic in idea and suggestion

3.Do you have plan to rework Artemis to allow us to use her in manual mode? because right now only automatic for her its the best

4.The new Hero still in work? soon ready to be release in a new update?

  1. update 4.5.0 arrive soon and when?

6.Do you have plan to fix phoenix bug soon? Like I mentioned if you can’t fix it then change the animation to do like Griffin to fix it

7.Do you have plan to create other unique items? Can be cool 10 or 20 others new one

  1. Do you have plan to create new quest in future?

9.I had give the idea in the past about the color in chat but was removed after so why? I find really hard to read the chat. All blue and all white. So confusing. Better way to improve chat in future?

10.Royal Revolt 2 have Pro and Conquest Boost. Can be possible in OR in future to have Odyssey Boost same if its more a solo event? by example can be a mix of Ninja Event and Pro League. Each members give point and the total can offer new boost. Can be interesting. More cooperative gameplay

11.you have up Ascension at 150 now. Do you have plan to up Hero level to 25 or 30? I use Achilles to clean the map and can be interesting if my Achilles can gain again XP. Extra level can give chests or give extra stats 

all for now. I can find other 10 or 20 but its gonna be enough for now

@Warriornator that #10 pro boost was the worst thing that ever happened to RR2.  I spent a fair bit of money on that game and with those pro-boosts just made average bases really strong.  Left that game for good after that.  If it happens here can you imagine the strength of the top alliance bases!! No chance for 99% of players.  

But definitely needs new content now, to be honest after playing this for nearly a year and a half, there’s not much to keep interested.  Wars are stale in titan league; only one of 3 alliances have a chance to feature in the top 3.  Leaderboard is plagued with account sharing accounts so no point in challenging there as I never ‘lend’ my account to anybody.  You can only use a few heroes in war as otherwise overpowered statues will kill certain heroes in a couple of weapon swings.  No point in refining uniques until you reach near max level otherwise you will ruin them for future. That’s just a few thoughts from me. As for spending money here, I don’t see why when there’s little new content ever. 

This is truly the poor cousin of RR2. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Don’t know if this been asked previously or not.

Could a in game notification be added? and set to activate whenever celestial boost only has 24 hours or less remaining.  

There are notifications on iOS, maybe android too?, and they do notify when celestial boosts will expire, but it’s like 15 minutes in advance. 

What is the intended duration of the frenzy invocation? 

What is the actual duration of the frenzy invocation?

It is unlimited thanks to bia bug.

That’s why I’m curious to hear their answer!

what is Bia bug ??

Is everything ok with Chris? He hasn’t logged into the forums since November. 

Q: how many out of the TOP 50 players are using windows 10 (not exclusively) to play the game?

Will developers fix frenzy invocation bug?

Yeah. No new. Get gets boring…

I only ever used PC (windows 10) am top 50 for the moment at least.

I also use windows 10 too.

That has been answered in October:

I’ll give you a hint:

I hope he wasn’t in a bike crash!

Whilst the dev need to answer the other questions, I can assure you he is fine :slight_smile:

Can he post something so we know you aren’t holding him hostage?