Q&A Questions January/February

Hi there Olympians,

If you have questions to the developers please drop them here. :crossed_swords:

A selection will be answered around the end of February since it is almost the end of January and there was a delay in answering due to the holidays. ^_^

Looking forward to your questions!

I have a couple of questions (I’ll make two posts). The first question is about the damage we receive. Say, the GK hits your hero with 100K damage. The hero has 90% of Physical Resistance. Does it mean that he’s gonna take only 10K of damage?

One step further is how resistances work with Damage Reflection? Let’s resume the example above, but you add 30% of Damage Reflection upon 90% of Physical. You can see the quote attached in the message, it says that DR reflects X% of the damage you would take. I can think of 2 scenarios:

  1. You would take 10K damage thanks to physical resistance, so 3K damage is reflected back and you take 7K damage. The combination results in 93% resistance.
  2. The resistance is hard capped at 90%, so you take 10K damage. But the damage reflected back? 30% of what? 100K or 10K?

If the hero and the GK both have DR. Would the reflected damage be reflected back so it kinda goes back and forth forever? Or you’d take the total amount of reflected damage because it can’t be resisted (not even by DR)?

My second question is about the Speed Attack perk. I can imagine that 30% of Speed Attack would add 30% to the damage output (per second). But how about the combination of speed attack with Life on Hit or with stun? Technically it should add 30% to LoH because you hit 30% faster, right? But is it really the case (is it really on hit or per second)? Same with stun, say 50%, does it mean 50% chance of stun per second or per hit?

The issue that I discovered a while ago is that damage and LoH are measured on different parameters, so as you rightly say att speed increase = increase damage per second which the stats show on the hero description page. With LoH it can’t really be calculated the same way as it is dependant on being able to actually hit something. But in theory if you could always hit something then the LoH gain per second would be att speed x LoH per hit. 


LoH and Siren Heal are factors of the health of the hero/unit. Do they decrease with damage taken or are they fixed?

@dumpster Correct me if I am wrong but I think that LoH is and absolute-value perk which means it’s constant. It’s capped at 25% of the total health of the hero, I think.

Siren Heal is 150% of Siren’s total health, so I guess it’s also fixed.

That’s what I assume too, but I wanted to make sure. 

How much damage minotaurs charge ability do and blessed warriors do they use frostbite damage or regular ice damage.

What does execution ability of spearmen do?

Why it kills anything instantly?


I want to add some questions to Marinien’s questions, maybe the devs can answer more specific , giving us a chance to understand better.

  1. Is having 40% poison resistance and 0% DR the same as 0% poison and 40% DR ? (does it offer the same protection, block the same damage from towers or units, same effectiveness ??? in regards of defense on my hero )
  2. If I have 90% fire resistance and 75% DR, is my total fire resistance about 97,5% ? Is DR calculated on the remaining amount left (75% on 10% from the 90% already there)
  3. If I have 75% fire resistance and 63% DR on my GK, is my total fire resistance about 90,5% (same calculation as above)
  4. For questions 2+3, is there an actual cap on the resistances above 90% when using DR? Or is the above anyway the max you can get in combination? (same for GK above 75%) 

Btw I really love the numbers the way you have put them, they fit perfectly (if I am correct… ?)

  1. Speed attack. Say I have zero added speed attack (which is shown 100%) and hero has 20k of LOH… I am assuming per hit as per description. Lets say I hit 10 times in 10 seconds… I would have gain 200k loh or health in result. Correct? If I have 200% speed attack, which is the max I believe, would it be reasonable to assume that I gain 400k health in 10 seconds, or better yet, twice as fast, so I hit 20 times in 10 seconds (or 10 times in 5 seconds) - with the same exact loh. Or is LOH just the same in both cases… not affected. At the same time, are stun/demo/frostbite/petrified/area damage also treated in a similar way, increasing their “output/power” or % chance with Speed attack… or is plainly Speed attack, only affecting the damage output (not even the speed of the hits).

Thanks in advance

I have one question ! How that for example defence with Hero Temple level 12 and everything else upgrade at max for that level except Apolo gate gate is let say on level 10 kill your Hero in a split off second no mether how big resistance you have on everything , and same defence Hero temple level 12 all full upgrade for that level and Apolo gate also upgrade will not even scratch your strong hero ?? Just one to know is this that sistem can’t calculate and those player have deadly defence just because they ignore to upgrade Apolo gate ?? Lot off player use this well let say tactik and i find almost impossible to bet player who is level 130 with this defence !? For example my best hero have high resistance on everything all above 75 procent and 4200 life on hit so how is possible that he died in two second let say for example off Apollo tower and he have 75 procent resistance on light atack ! And this only hapend against this kind off defence ! My question is , is this how should be or another bug like on gatekiper with Damage reflection and Area damige ???

One question : How its possible with 90% of resistance a Hero can die in 2 seconds? Never have seen this before in a video game. OR for this is unique. Normally if you have 60% and of course 90% you are invincible against this element. However in Olympus Rising 90% feel like 10%. I hate die 2 twice or 3 time in a row and lost -11 trophy against a base on lapedos tower when you have 90% Fire Resistance. Same with 90% Fire Resistance my Achilles die too much fast against 1 or 2 Phoenix. Non sense.I have hate it this feature since day 1 and will hate it forever

So developer do you will change how resistance work in future? 10% you should die in 10 seconds, 30% in 15 seconds, 50% in 30 seconds,70% maybe HP drop of 5% at 90% the element should do nothing to you. So i hope one day see OR be more realistic like other MMORPG. Less frustrating in other words  

Hope to see one day a update who will allow us finally with logical logic to face a corner by example with lapedos and Phoenix and suffer just a little scratch of damage and stop dying twice and be forced to spend gems to rush the gate because resistance have no sense and no logic

Easy… first of all make sure you isolate if you are getting hit on the right resistance… Because you might think you are getting hit just by the Iapetos, but in fact 2-3 other things might be hitting you. Lets say your assumption of just Iapetos is correct:

You need to check how much damage you are getting in… because you block 90% and get hit 10%. So if I have 5 Phoenix hitting you, or 3 towers hitting you at the same time, and your health is really low, you are gone. Its all in the math… very very possible. Give me an exact example from both sides of the attack/defense, then we can examine it. And don’t forget, maxed out Iapetos, even if you are level 137-138 will kill you, they are beasts… try Odysseys skull 12… you will see.

For me its working correctly. I don’t like it, when I die 4 times with Artemis on Odysseys and lose all that wisdom and ambrosia… but it works correctly. In fact, the increases are so big on towers, that it forces you to forge new equipment. You can’t just jump levels without building gear… your heroes get weaker by the level, and those towers get stronger in just 5 days… so maxed Iapetos with a big boost from Odysseys, or Apollos or Hydras, are a HUGE problem…

Sorry but no resistance don’t work correctly if you have play Diablo 2, Diablo 3 or I don’t know torchlight or any MMORPG or RPG. 90% of resistance make your hero invincible in any game. So same if you face 10 Phoenix and 20 lapedos at same time. Your hero should be invincible. Its like that resistance work in video game. Same 70% should do really little to you. Only if you have 10%,15%,19%,23% or 30% should be really hurt you. OR is far the only source of RPG. Take time to play 20 or 30 RPG games and you will see how Resistance work. OR Resistance don’t have any sense at all sorry. its probably the main cause new player stop playing this game. When they see same with 50% they die in 1 second. Don’t make any sense

in Diablo 2 by example if you face Diablo with just 20% Fire Resistance you will die 1 millions time in 1 second however if you have take time to bring and up 90% Fire Resistance you can stay and don,t move and sleep 3 hours and wake up and see your Hero is 100% HP full and no damage

if you face Mephisto at Act 3 with 10% Lightning Resistance you will die in 1 or 2 second however if you have 70-80 or 90% lightning resist just stay look at him during 3 hours if you want and see he do nothing. that how resistance work

OR if the resistance don’t work like this. Then developer should not be surprise if OR is in dead state today.

Come on, dont make us read all that stuff when u dont get how this game works. YOU NEVER DIE IF YOU FACE SAME LEVEL OPPONENT OR +5 LET`S SAY. Having maxed resistance on, guarantees u to stay alive and get away from choke points. Plus, you keep talking about % and not values… Do you and Milos understand what you are talking about? He speaks of a 4k Loh that he carries when he fights, while that killer GK got 30k/40k… Same for tower damages, hitting u with 60-70k while your resistances are around 20-30k…what do you expect? As Archimides said, this is a simple math.

I don’t care about the math. Resistance don’t work correctly. No discussion about this. I will repeat again like i did each time. Take 1 week or 1 month or whatever time in your life and go play tons of RPG games. 50%,70% or 90% make heroes close invincible. Its only this matter. I don’t care of the math. If I play a RPG and take a Armor with 60% Fire Resist and take 30% on my others stuffs for 90% I will be invincible against the element

Anyway over 2 year on this forum. Seem I am the only one who play video game outside of just OR and RR2. 95% of players here just play OR and RR2 only those 2 game you know. So whatever. No real reason to argue with people who don’t know anything about Resistance.

Fine if OR left Resistance like this. OR will die its ok. If developer don’t care then continue not care about this. I am not in their place if they want to be bankrupt in 5 month because none of Flare game attract nobody. I cannot do anything about this. I give solution to fix this but its ok if they prefere listen people like you with 0 knowledge in video game. Why not. I will not oppose of this decision

that was just a question. End of discussion. ok they will not change it Fine!!! next question

@Warriornator Im not a dev, and Im feeling disturbed by reading all your comments about other games in here.

This game it is fine as it is. If you don`t know how to manage it, then Ask HOW to improve things.

Regarding damages that you receive, that`s the purpose of a defense, to kill the attacker and its units.

That`s the whole story.

I understand its a tower game and probably resistance work differently vs all 99.9% of RPG,MMORPG,etc…

When i raid with Achille with 90% Fire Resistance I expect Phoenix and Lapedos done no damage or very very little just a scratch. I hate die by isolated lapedos and Phoenix who kill me in few seconds. No sense. However I have no problem if with Achilles I reach a corner with Lapedos and Phoenix and its a Apollo who kill me because I have 0% Resistance. its logic. Not if the element is isolated and you can die

the same by example for physical damage. I find that totally wrong same with I don’t know 48% physical damage a Hero can die in 1 hit by a Minotaur or Cyclop.

I don’t know how I can explain how resistance should work. The logic is more % you have and very little damage you obtain. in OR % seem not reflect the damage

So if Resistance don’t work like RPG games then how that work? if 90% don,t make you invincible why? if 10% can kill you then sorry its s.t.u.p.i.d really

if only with 10% damage you can die I understand why only 2 or 3 hero are playable in high level

Can you take a video of your 90% fr hero getting killed by only fire damage?

I can check in my own base but I don,t have Phoenix. I know with both I die same with 90% just lapedos I don’t know. I can check

Edit : after the test seem normal. with 73% Fire Resistance same 3 lapedos do nothing. Maybe This a problem with Phoenix. I know Phoenix hurt me a lots or they do something else than Fire? all my heroes have close at least 70% of Fire and I give Ice. so if Phoenix do lightning its maybe the reason. all my heroes have 0% lightning

I will record some video and notice what kill me. i must do my fight. I come back

Try to recreate it and see what happens. Take videos. If your heroes have very low health and only regen, they’re going to die when you’re fighting high powered enemies. Phoenixes do a lot of damage fast. But I think you’re probably taking damage from another damage source. Just my take.