Quality of life improvements...What Flaregames should do to make players happy

What new features, options, products or revisions do you players want to see come to the game? List what you want here…

I mean seriously…as a player of many computer games and phone apps. I was always hated when a game I enjoyed added some stupid ass option that completely screwed up gameplay. If the developers weren’t fixing something that wasn’t broken, they were adding some money hungry features that made people quit by the thousands.

These games don’t function if players stop spending money. So what does the community want to see happen in RR2 before you open your wallets again?

For me I’d like to see:

1.) Blacksmith perk removal price removed totally, reduced to a gem price that’s in line with how players receive gems in game, or converted to a gold price instead of gems.

2.) Loser skulls bonus…gone!! It makes no sense at all to me since most battles are lost because of players not participating, or the alliances’ tile count put the put them way over their heads in the next war season.

3.)World chat option you can access from alliance chat.

4.)Pearl vaults added to the PVE dungeons as well as more vaults added for high level players.

Gold in chest reduce , voucher from friend reduce ,…

The only thing improve after the update i know so far is the price of item in granny shop .