Quest - Gems reward got Turned into Tickets!!

So my digger quest has been storing 500 Gems for emergency use has now been turned into 1000 Tickets!?! :blink:

Masz rację!!! Złodzieje!!! Te kupony to jakieś gówno!!!

Yes, it happened to a lot of people, me included :-/

I remember when they 1st reduced the gem reward for winning diamond league  :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes many are angry about this!

angelic, there is also a limit on how often you can exchange 150 tickets to 50 gems…


Zzzzz Fashion king lost close to 120 Gems value for last level! it was 250 Gems, now its 400 Tickets… At least 500 Tickets man… RR maths, 500 Gems = 1000 Tickets, 250 Gems = 400 Tickets?!?

> :slightly_frowning_face:

Now I got really upset. Previously I lost 750 gems by decreasing the rewards for quests, now I lost another 350.

Should I enter a support ticket to give them back? I earned them before the update!

I had 500 gems stored for completing all dungeon levels, I got 1000 tickets instead… I can’t even change them to 350 gems because it costs 2 450 tickets. I’m very disappointed with this update.

This is a disgrace.  I lost 4 achievements where I had gems, including Fashing King and Digger.


Flare did the same a few months ago too, halving the gems for an achievement I had saved.

ZZZZZ Just tested 150 Tickets exchange 50 Gems so 3 tickets roughly 1 Gem


After I bought it, I got offered 400 Tickets for 100 Gems… 4 Tickets for 1 Gem??? :angry:

If it weren’t virtual currency, it would be theft under the law.  Plain and simple.

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The ratio gets worse and worse after ever exchange and requires more and more Vouchers to exchange for Gems!