Question about +1 alliance Ninja

Ninja event is over.

Too bad we cannot re-check our latest score and position and review our won rewards. There is no “History” button like for the war seasons. Therefore can only rely on my old aged memory…

As far as I can recall we should have gotten an additional ninja from the overall alliance achievement.

But I got only 3 ninjas… Where is the 4th one?

Or maybe It’s my bad memory and the additional ninja was an additional zombie at the past zombie event?

There is no additional Alliance Ninja, only Ninjas in defense. ?

Thanks Alysea, probably my bad memory… :slight_smile:

Ninjas on defense is based on Alliance Tower level I believe. I don’t know how it is broken down per level.

If the alliance fails to unlock defense ninja, you get 0 in defense. If the alliance gains, you get ninjas in defense. The number is decided by the ninjas you have won, the frequency of them is decided by the alliance tower. :grinning:

By the way, you can check it out. Click on rewards page where you get list of tiers and then tap on the heading above. You can see the scores of the previous/current event.

Its logical when you think about that. You unlock the ninja in defense by obtaining 4,500K with all your alliance members. After if you want to have 5 ninja in defense you need to finish in Rank 1 in Ninja event after if you finish in top 3 you have 4 ninja and so on…Depending of your ranking. Like we have said in the alliance chat in Genie and Master ninja in defense are useless anyway. One Blizzard kill them all

You fight to obtain Rank 1 for chest,pearls and stuffs not for Ninja lol

Wasn’t there an additional zombie we got last time, or it was the same, zero or all?

Your personal score in ninja event allows you to have up to 5 ninjas (which you can buy too if you don’t win them).

You alliance score allows you to unlock ninjas on defense. The number of those ninjas depends on your alliance tower level and path length (?) I believe. Don’t remember exactly but you can find it in the forum.

Mag,mag,mag you never change…talk for nothing no need to repeat what the others have said word by word  :lol: Ok we have understand  

My reply was directed at Edward’s last comment as he is still confused by some kind of additional zombie/ninja. I tried to say in a clear way what everyone already said as you all were right. Please keep “talk for nothing” talk for yourself, as you are the one who keeps talking about million other, not realted to the topic, things.

KK said that clearly enough …think so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually this part seems to be wrong. Number of ninjas you win applies only to offense. Number of ninjas on defense depends on alliance tower level and path length.

I don’t know not sure about that. I have win 3 ninja in offense and I have 3 ninja in defense. Alliance Tower Level 9 only. If someone can confirm without doubt I don’t know if he win 3 ninja in offense and got 4 ninja in defense or something like that because the person have Alliance Tower level 12 can confirm what people say

I’m on the phone now so won’t be bothered to copy links here but if you go to Official Announcment section and open the Zombie Invasion thread there will be a video in which will be said ‘upgrade alliance tower to unlock more ninjas/zombies’. Also in that thread there is a link to the discussion about the update and on the first page Alysea said the number of zombies/ninjas depends on alliance tower and path length. Also I just tested a base of a friend who got 1st last event and unlocked 5 offense ninjas but his AT is 500k and I only noticed 3 defensive ninjas on his base. Also level of defensive ninja is same as level of the ninja in your tier you participated. 

Yeah I have 3 off and 3def with a AT 500k


Alysea just said : Obtain coin with your alliance to unlock chest and defense troops e.g ninja

She don’t talk about how to have more ninja in defense and i watch the video and that only show the zombie nothing more

maybe I don’t check carefully I return in Official section…to check again

I don’t see where you found that there is no info about that. The first was about 2.6 Wardrobe,zombie and stuffs and the other its Halloween Event that talk about the event

In this thread about zombies with a video. On the bottom there is link to the discussion about the update. If you click on it you wiill find it at the first page 

ah ok lol the info was in Update 2.6 :

I think we can close the topic if that answer Edward question :slight_smile:

Before close this topic maybe add one more info. Someone can say what level of Alliance you need 

Example Alliance level 1 to 4 its 1 ninja, Level 5 ot 8 its 2, 9 to 11 its 4 and so on…

Someone can give more detail to be precise. Can be useful for someone to know that

Actually I did more raids on different players with different results last event and AT levels.

My conclusion is we all might be right.

If you win 5 offense ninjas and your AT is 500k you will have 3 defensive ones.

If you have max AT and max path it doesnt guarantee you 5 defensive ninjas. You need to win 5 offensive to have 5 defensive ones. If you win 3, you wil have 3 on defense ( but if you buy them to have 5, you will have 5 on both offence and defence). This is my conclusion after testing 4 different bases. So I would say max AT and path gives you possibility to have max number of defensive ninjas but you either need to win them or buy them.