Question about Alliance wars calculation.

I have some questions regarding Alliance Wars !


Question 1:

Our enemies are higher ranked (We->  138   VS  50 to 80 rankings) + have far more trophies + ALL have 3 to 5 more players on team…


How is this calculated ?

(Last war we won 2nd place and wars before  that was 4rd , 3rd and 1st)


Question 2:

While the other alliance we fighting now, has higher LVL players + trophies etc … ,

I get 750 Skulls MAX , while they got 805 by raiding me…  WHY? 


Some details:

1.The first attack launched was on me! (game was just started) , so there was NO skull bonus!

2.Player that attacked me had 1400 more trophies then me and higher lvl!

  1. He was also the player that I raided as he got the most skulls. 750 vs the 805 he got from me!

  2. My base is not that strong (working on that) … so that can’t be the reason! (And he has more boosts activated)


*  Seems a bit unbalanced to me !?




I am new to this forum! :slight_smile:    Hello everybody !  :slight_smile:  

Skulls are directly based on your king level.


I believe you multiply your king level by 7 and that is your skull amount.

Thankyou for your reply.


So if I have a higher level then my opponent I get more skulls?

Sound a bit weird to me , as higher players are already harder to raid… making it almost impossible for lower level alliance 2 win.

Everyone sees the same amount of skulls… I am level 87 and I offer 822 skulls no matter who it is…

Yeah it’s like 300 + 6 * King Level, is how many skulls you give out.

Also if you are low level king and you try to beat high level enemy you will see high skulls it’s like medals

I’ve never observed this in my alliance…


The highest level king always sees the same skulls as the lowest level king.

from my calculations, it seems that skull = 6 * kinglv + 300. You have an open base or a maxed base, it does not matter.

Question 1: It is based solely off the amount of fiefdoms you have. I believe this system needs ‘major’ improvement.


Question 2:







The number of skulls a player can earn from a target is determined by the following formula:

300 + 6 x TargetHeroLevel


—It should be like regular battles like earning medals, if you go up against somebody that is much higher in trophies, there should be a percentage added on the top.


Yes I agree with you , this needs major improvements.

I also think it’s not fair that higher players get more skulls in combat, actualy should be the other way around !? 


Thank you for all the comments , and sorry that I reply’d a bit  late :slight_smile: !