Question about Defense Ninja for each Alliance

I notice at some alliances, their defense ninjas are more deadly than at others.
At higher rank alliances, they deadlier defense ninjas. At lower rank alliances, they have soft defense ninjas.
This arrangement creates bigger gap between players. Alliance who stay higher become will become higher, who stay lower will be banish to graveyard, and there’s only 60 slots for each alliance, kinda very limited.
May be FG want to decrease their customers, less players the better?
Players speak please, opinion.

I do not think so I think it is because your ninja rank


The level of the ninjas depends indeed on your own tier during the Ninja event, it is not related to the Alliance. :grinning:


Is that offensive and defensive?

I thought the defensive one from alliance was based on your defensive strength not the tier you fought in?



It is for both offensive and defensive.

The Alliance Tower level and the maximum length of your defensive path impact the amount of Ninjas, but your tier impacts their level.

Ah ok thx for that…

There is a lot of confusion regarding the defensive ninjas.  Does an alliance earn a bonus ninja, or does it earn the ability to have defensive ninjas?  I have 5 ninjas (actually snowmen) that I won from the recent event.  My alliance also got the alliance bonus.  Should I have 6 ninjas, or does the alliance bonus just mean that I have defensive ninjas?  If it’s the latter, does the number of defensive ninjas match the number of ninjas each alliance member won?  So another member of my alliance might only have 3 defensive ninjas?  It’s there a FAQ for the alliance bonus somewhere?

It means you wonthe ability to have defensive ninjas. Yes, and the number of defensive ninjas depends on the number of ninjas you won in your ninja event so both the number of ninjas and their level will be different between your alliance members.

Maybe here you find some more information:

Thanks Mag.  That’s what I thought.  The FAQ doesn’t mention defense ninjas.  Flare should update it so new players will understand how they work.