Question about free gold shield

I use next scenario to get enough loot for an upgrade.



  • Make sure gold in treasure room to start with is close to max protected (750K)
  • have a full silo and farms
  • Possess enough items to sell (calculate before the amount of gold it would give in total)
  • have some time to attack
  • Start attacking

If I don’t make enough loot for updates, then I use option A: sell worthless items to get enough gold for an upgrade.


Since upgrades are getting more and more expensive (3M and raising) and I need to sell a lot of worthless items, I need to buy worthless items many times without being able to upgrade. I was wondering if option B also works if not enough loot is collected.


Option B: just leave the game without buying any worthless items. Return to the game at least 3 hours later first time after scenario to make sure the farms are full once again. I can bet on it that I was attacked several times. Protect the stolen gold with free gold shield. Attack once again untill farms are empty.


I was wondering if even then not enough loot is collected, that I could just leave once again and wait for example 1,5 day before logging in once again to be sure the free gold shield is activated once again and that I have been attacked afterwards.


Will I lose loot or would this scenario work for doing bigger updates?

My personal first method to make gold is:


  1. (having silo and farms at max level) wait that silo and farms are full of bread (you should have 800 bread stocked with other 800 bread in farms);

  2. search people over 300k and i attack them until my farms and silo are empty;

  3. after you have no food to make at least 1 raid, activate the gold shield (3h free);

  4. return before 3h and collect again the food;

  5. repeat step 2.


My personal “alternative” and a bit more addictive to make gold is:


  1. start to make gold 5 hours before you finished the league ( you have to stay in league with a right position where you will earn lot of gems over 20) (in this case you’ll use league only for gold problem and not for personal “hunting gems”)

  2. do step 2-3 like the first method (probably you’ll spent 1 hour to use all bread to doing raids) so wait 3 hr free of gold shield, (and are gone 4 hours -> remain only 1 hour to do all raids before league finish) and as you waited 3hr your farms are again full so you can do the other last raids.

  3. It’s not finished here, now that the league is going to finish after you’ll collect that gems use them to buy 3hr shield (20gems), a very low price that allow you to wait other 3 hr that farms are full again and finally you can repeat step 2.


First method allow you, at the end, to do around 12 raids (yes 12 raids because you use a total of 1600 bread to do the first raids - see point 1 of first method)

Second method allow you to do around 16 raids with an extra incentive of 20 gems.



These are the main things i do (especially the first) when i need lot of gold !

Also a video in my channel ( How to be a Gold Predator) show exactly the method !

Also i saw that around the forums there are few other topics about getting gold with cool explanations like you also wrote !


I wanna add that selling items is yes a nice option to get gold, but it’s not this big fanatic thing that i would follow… (so only if you need like 100K-150K)

Also having taverns at max help you a lot but are not the same thing to do raid because once you collect gold from them, you collected… you need to wait 2 days before get again all other gold again from them, that it’s a bit boring and not a fast way.


How to have a starting turbo gold ! (this is how i call it)

  • Before doing first method don’t worry if people stole gold, but hours before do some raids at least to reach a total of 2M gold around or so;
  • Then do the same process i listed at the top.
  • With this method you can lose gold if players attack you, but it’s not like starting from start with very few gold ! 


So personally i think the first method i listed it’s the most useful for now, unless someone else have more ideas.


Thanks for reading this,



I can confirm that using the free gold shield afterwards is not protecting the gold lost at all. But… oPelle is answer could be an alternative. I indeed lost some loot, but not that much.


So the starting loot in possession is a littlebit higher. I tried it this morning and could make it easily then to 3M. Had four raids left, so when I would start with a higher base loot, I could make it to 3.5 till 4M, without a free gold shield. definitely i a going to try those methods soon.

I actually prefer what oPelle said last there. I like to hold onto 1 or 2 mill before saving for an upgrade. and I do typically use the free 3 hour shield


so here are my steps:


  1. collect 1-2 mill gold

  2. get 1600 bread saved

  3. raid until farms are empty but silo is full

  4. use free 3 hour gold shield ( collect from taverns now so they are protected too )

  5. you can come back in an hour or so to collect food ( this way no food will be wasted, might need to do a raid or 2 )

  6. sign on after gold shield ends and raid till your out of food


then sell items or refill silo if you still don’t have enough gold