Question about game

  1. In alliance leaderboard there are trophies written(beside fiefdoms), what are they denoting toward?where are they coming from?? Skulls won in wars not trophies!!

  2. On perks on right corner is the number. What is that for??Is that something to do with there values or money comes for selling them???

3.And worst of all, how FG is choosing alliance for a war?? What is the criteria of choosing alliances??

  1. Trophies shown in alliance are the total trophies all your members have together. More trophies is more gold bonus.


2.1 The number is the level of the perk, which is based on alliance level.

2.2 Incase you mean the number on armor, it’s the level of the armor piece, as your king levels up you find higher level gear.


  1. Alliance Wars matchmaking is based on current fiefdoms.

1.The Trophie you see on the leaderboard when you go in Alliance Status info is the total of all trophie each member have, By example you are 4 in the Alliance, if you have 950, and the others have 1120,1550 and 2500. The total is 6,100. you need 4,000 to up the gold boost at 7%. if you want to up at 8% and so on… you must required the needed trophie by example the next one can be 10,000, 9% can be 15,000. I don’t have the right number but I think you understand

2.Here its not clear about what you talking I gonna explain the two stuff I think is. First if you talk about the number in the flag its the level of the items, by example you have a legendary Shoulder (Yellow) and the number is 24.That mean the items is level 24. Second if you talk about the number of the perk when you have a perk boost in the item like a Spell or unit damage or a unit toughness, I don’t know exactly what the number refering to and I think nobody know too.You can have 5676 Pyromancer attack and that add only 50 in attack for your Pyromancer, you can have 7890 Sonic Blast and that add 800 damage for Sonic Blast. You can have 3890 toughness for you Monk and that add 200 HP for the Monk.If you want to see how that up the damage boost or HP boost, go in your Acadamy or Wizard Tower to see the initial damage or HP and go in matchmaker to see what damage or HP that add

3.I don’t know exactly its a long time I don’t participate in Alliance Wars. The old one before update 2.0.0 have not properly matchmaking. You can having a Alliance with 42 member against a alliance with 18 members and a Alliance with 49,etc… People complaining during a long time before Flaregames change the way the matchmaking work.The new matchmaking system made since update I think its with 2.2.0 make match with Fiefdoms and that allow to have 6 Alliance equal in power or similar

Our alliance reach level 30 yesterday but still we didn’t get 150% fire resistance in tough barricade. Please tell me why we don’t get this perks?

You were at 2/2 tough barricade now with the new level you are at 2/3 so you have to prolong the boost one more time to make it 3/3 and take advantage of the latest improvements.