Question about Gems

Hello. im playing RV2 from windows 10. i have 2 questions. the first one is… I want to buy some gems. will i have any problems because i run the game on win10? and second… can i sync the game account to my tablet? (android)



You may encounter problems if you buy gems, but it really depends on the person, so I can’t tell you a full yes or no, but it is a risk.

You can ask us to transfer your account to your tablet, for this you just have to send a ticket to the support following this:


First, please start a completely new game on the device on which you want to continue playing and give yourself a new name:

  • Tell us the player name of the new account.

  • Tell us the player name of the old account.


Second, please send me some information that proves your ownership of the old account:

  • Account registration date (estimate)

  • Last login date

  • Current amount of ingame currency

  • Details about your last ingame purchases

Thank you, Aether, for responding to this question! I have a quick followup.


If he does the transfer following the procedure you mentioned, would he then be able to access his account from both his windows device and his android device? Or would he only be able to play from his android device going forward?



He will be able to play on both devices.

I transferred my account this morning in order to be able to play on my computer, and I can still connect on my phone :slight_smile:

Is it possible to play the same account on android and windowsphone?



I can play on both an android device and my laptop with windows 8.1.

I assume it should work with android and windowsphone too :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response, Aether!

ok guys! thanks for the answers!!

also just to inform you, the link you gave me dont work ( but i send my request to the support ( )

good to know