question about gold in matchmaking fights

Im lvl 71 now…not long ago i was able to get fights that gave me rewards in gold of 300 to 600 k each fight easily…now im lucky if i find 100k fights…anyone can tell me why and what to do to get. Back good amount of gold? Thx in advance

you can go more high in the ranking but now have also new update so gold is little for everyone because all use gold shield

My friend lvl 57 can get 500 k easily still…

Anyone can help with this plz…cant make decent gold amount anymore

To be honest, I faced the same issue a year ago, and I still am not yet fully sure about why… but chances are, you might recently have gained in strength and/or trophies/ranking, which influences the loot you will see. Another thing is, loot will decrease after every attack you do on anyone, and will refill while you take a break (don’t raid for some hours).