Question about Luck Perks

Hello, good afternoon.


I have one seriously doubt about luck perks. I have one set with 6 luck perks itens, and when i check how much % i have appears that i have 66,06% luck. The problem is that i dont have only that.

I have in my helmet 13.13%

In my armor 13.97%

In my weapon 10.87%

In my gloves 14.14%

In my belt 16.86% + 16.86%

In my boots 14.14%

All that is 99.97% and in my inventory shows only 66,06. 


How that count are made ?


I check the other topic about luck perks and i do my math’s and honestly … It’s impossible for me miss the first chest. But belive. In 10 shoots i miss the first chest 2 times. In 20 i miss 5. In 50 i miss 9 times.

How’s that ?

Each perk is applied to the unlucky bit 

what they show is the effective % not the simply added values%


so for any chest that’s the amount of unlucky that get converted to luck.

see this page

enter your items in calculator and you will see you effective luck conversion as it is displayed in your total for gear.


Note you can get more than 100% ? well that’s not possible is it?

it like subtracting 10% ten times from 100 you are left with 35

so the effective reduction is 65% (or conversion to luck in this case)

so that’s what they display.



1-(1-0.1313)*(1-0.1397)*(1-0.1087)*(1-0.1414)*(1-0.1686)*(1-0.1686)*(1-0.1414) = 0.6606 = 66.06%

That’s the effective luck perk from your items. There is also a luck perk from your pro-items/pal, that’s shown in the panel using the same formula. The final luck perk you experience in CoF is then p=1-(1-pitem)*(1-ppro bonus).

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